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RUMOR: Is The West Not Getting Those ‘Monster Hunter’ amiibo?

Sunday 20th August 2017 by Natalie Kipper

The official site for Monster Hunter Stories launched recently and something looks peculiar. The game is the first in the Monster Hunter series to be a turn-based RPG. Stories is playable on the Nintendo 3DS and 2DS family of systems so as you can imagine, there is amiibo support.

In Japan, there were five very special amiibo made for the game (plus one other which we will get to in a moment), each one made in the likeness of one of the characters riding an iconic monster from the series. From the left we have: Cheval with Rathian, boy protagonist with one-eyed Rathalos (there is also a girl protagonist version of this one), Ayuria with Barioth, and Dan with Qurupeco. Why are they so special? You can freaking swap the riders! Using these amiibo in your game unlock a special in-game Monsties, or monster companions.

[Update: For clarification, the Japanese version makes use of the other amiibo as well, in the manner described below.]

Who wouldn’t want to get their paws on these guys? Well, it looks like us gamers in the West won’t even get the option. The only mention of amiibo on the game’s site (found at the bottom of this page) talks about them gifting you “high-grade items.” Not a word about Monsties. What’s worse is that if you click the link that reads “see all compatible amiibo,” it takes you here and lists every amiibo made thus far as compatible. It also reiterates the rewards for tapping in an amiibo.

There has been no mention of the special Monster Hunter Stories amiibo being released as of yet and the game’s release date of September 8 is coming up soon. Things are not looking good for amiibo collectors.

The final amiibo in the set, Navirou, may actually be worth importing, regardless of compatibility with the upcoming game. It will still work with Animal Crossing: Welcome amiibo!, unlocking a felyne resident for your town!

[hunter amiibo images via Hardcore Gamer]

  • Patrick Prevenas

    Us gamers in the West do have an option: Import. I imported all six earlier this year because I had no expectation of them being released in the States (as I also recently did with the BoxBoy! amiibo). Play-Asia.com recently had the Monster Hunter figures on sale for as little as $10 apiece. They’re pretty easy and affordable to import if you really want them. I can say firsthand, they’re beautiful figures and make great additions to any amiibo fan’s collection.

  • Qpalong