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Geekscape 258: Chris Hardwick

Monday 26th March 2012 by Jonathan

Chris Hardwick is a- wait. Am I really explaining to you who Chris Hardwick is? Why would I do that? You probably already know who he and what his Nerdist brand are all about (unless you live in a cave)! In this episode, Chris and I talk about the formation of Nerdist, the new Nerdist Youtube channel, how he deals with criticism and a lot more. As someone who’s been skeptical of Chris in the past, I found him to be immediately personable, even opening up about some of the more difficult parts of his life. And he’s absolutely, undeniably a legit geek! I loved our conversation, was impressed by his complete honesty and am absolutely a convert and fan. I hope you agree! Oh, and subscribe to his channel already! They’ve got Farscape on it! FARSCAPE!

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  • my two favorite podcasts linked in *any* fashion?!?! YES PLEASE!!!!