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‘Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn’ – Episode 5 Recap And Analysis

Monday 5th November 2012 by jake108

The series finale to Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn was everything we wanted it to be. After watching, I could not think of a better way to hype fans of the franchise more than this live-action series did. If for some reason you haven’t seen it yet, do so NOW!


The finale opens with the materialization of the Cortana we know and love. For those of you wondering why she’s been a blue sphere this entire time, it’s due to the fact that AI’s can embody any object or shape it wants to. This was showcased in Glasslands when the AI Black Box once materialized as a present with a bow that kept changing colors. Besides, who wouldn’t want to look their best for the Chief?!

Picking up where episode 4 left off, the remaining survivors of the planet along with Chief are on a desperate race to reach an evac point where Kelly and her squad are located. Now, I thought we saw all the scary we needed to see when a Spec Ops Elite engaged his active camouflage. Obviously the people behind FUD felt we needed more:

It’s not uncommon to see Jackals acting as scouts conduction recon, especially minors such as these. However, it is a little unusual to see a group of jackals without a commanding officer present. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seemed that nothing but Jackals were attempting to stop the Warthog.

This brings me to the big guys.

It should be common knowledge fans that Hunters are deployed in pairs. What may be uncommon knowledge is an event in the novels where a Hunter was commanding officer of a squad of Covies. I may be reading too much into this subject, believe me, the other part of my brain is yelling, “WHO CARES?! MASTER CHIEF JUMPED ON A HUNTER’S BACK AND ALSDFJADL!!!11!1” I know.

If you didn’t know before, you surely know now that Hunters are composed of small worms with a collective mind and mortar skills. It’s also important to note that the Hunter’s size directly correlates with the gravity of the planet. The worms, or as I call them, Hunty-Worms, can also be found in the rear part of a Scarab. Read up more about ’em here!

After safely making it to the evac point, Hastati squad boards a Pelican. It’s there where we are formally introduced to Fred and Kelly in live-action form, and yes, their faces freaked me out too.

Perhaps the funniest moment in all of Forward Unto Dawn was dialogue between Sully and Kelly.

The transition between Young Lasky and Present Lasky was awesome. What’s even more awesome was the shot of Lasky getting into the Cryo Pod displaying his courage despite his illness.

Lastly, the parting image before the release of Halo 4:

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  • Lupsided

    I’ve was always really curious about the facial detail of the spartan II’s. The augmentations change everything and make them seem so inhuman, I could never picture their faces. In halo Reach, they show the spartan’s faces of Noble Team, but they look totally normal. If the surgeries they get change a females height to 6, 10′ and can give her strength to throw a ATV then I’d imagine her, and the males too would change as well. I kind of always pictured really masculine facial features but that might not be so because the augmentations give them increase muscle/bone ect, doesn’t say anything about testosterone injections.

    But anyways, I was actually kinda happy with the way they looked in this. Different, clearly altered, but not monstrous. A little creepy, but still pretty badass.

    Another question…I know this is on the budget and CGI but I always pictures the females to be the same size as the males, like muscle wise. Just wanted to know if I’m the only halo-nerd that ponders these minuscule details haha.