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‘Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn’ – Episode 3 Recap And Analysis

Friday 19th October 2012 by jake108

In case you missed last week’s awesome recap, catch it here! ‘Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn’ – Episode 2 Recap And Analysis

Never have sixteen minutes gone by in such a flash. ‘Forward Unto Dawn’ is shaping up to be everything we ever wanted from a live-action series based in our beloved Halo universe.

Cortana’s rampancy is becoming more apparent with each episode.

When it gets down to it, we may be faced with the predicament of trusting her during Halo 4’s campaign. Still, she said she was sorry.

Soon after learning of Lasky’s medical condition, caused by injections to prevent ice from forming on muscles during cryo sleep, Sully finally pieced all of the ONI footage together.

What I didn’t notice before was the height of the POV we were observing, a striking trait among Spartans.

After the Insurrectionists surrender to the Marines and Spartans, the Innies quickly turn around, scared, and run behind the Spartans while firing at what we now know was the Covenant. Sully pauses it on our first glimpse of a Spartan, though, the keen eye would see that this isn’t just any Spartan.

Frederic – 104 is a Spartan II, one of the highest rankings second only to Kurt, and a commando. At this point in time, it’s safe to say Fred is with Master Chief on this mission and I would also go as far to say that we may be watching Master Chief’s helmet cam. In the novels, Fred was described as being slightly shorter than John, an attribute that seems to be seen above. You can read more about Fred here, but beware the spoilers that litter the text for those who haven’t read the novels.

Later, Sully goes into Lasky’s room to show him a detail overlooked by the squad.

Since we are unable to see their jaws, this particular Elite could be a Ranger or SpecOps class.

Most of the action takes place in the last five minutes of this episode. I would say things didn’t become serious until the cadets looked up to see ODST drop pods falling.

Since there are no Pelicans heading to the surface, it’s likely to assume there is a battle taking place just above the planet as well in the skies above. The Covies breaking through the planet’s defenses means the Humans are losing or have already lost.

Covenant Frigates aren’t the kinds of ships that confront planetary defenses or go toe-to-toe with UNSC Capital Ships. Covie Frigates are usually used for support. That doesn’t mean they aren’t harmless. These frigates are equipped with shields, plasma turrets, and torpedoes. It’s also important to note that these frigates can house a few thousand Covies each.

And finally, a Covenant Frigate did what I had been waiting to see for three weeks now: Destroy the Orbital Space Elevator.

It’s destruction was, of course, complimented by a sprinkling of cadets.

I must say, hearing the thumps of the Elite’s footsteps added to the menacing introduction. After cutting down the statue of Corbulo, the glow of the Elite’s energy sword showed his the color of his armor:

That looks a lot like the SpecOps Elites we saw in Halo: Combat Evolved. The dark armor and armed only with an energy sword seems fitting for an Elite of this class. You can read more about SpecOps Elites here.

That’s it for this week. Did I miss anything? Comment below and I’ll be sure to add to next week’s recap and give you credit! Thanks for reading!

  • Gotlyfe

    The injections for the cryo sleep are to prevent the water inside cells from freezing not muscles. Water in frozen form takes up more space than liquid water so when water freezes inside of cells it often bursts or tears the cell open. Since humans are somewhere around 65% water this is a huge danger.

  • TheOnyxWolf3438

    Did any one else realize that the ODST exiting his pod has a standard marine B.D.U.< (battle dress uniform) not an ODST B.D.U.?

  • Burmetheus

    I’m pretty sure that the Elite is actually a zealot in Halo 4 dress. Compare the two and it’s apparent. I also think that the Covie ships are actually Corvettes and not Frigates.

    Enjoyed the summary. This series is great.

  • SuperNerfSpartan

    I did notice that the ODST exiting his pod does not have ODST B.D.U. Yet, I believe the Marine fighting before the Zealot shows up to be an actual ODST…if one slows down the tape and/or pauses it correctly, they can tell by the lighting from the lightning from the storm that it is in fact an ODST visor…but why did the ODST have a standard assault rifle rather than a suppressed SMG??? I think the suppressed version wasn’t invented yet or was not put into service. And that kiss…whoo…go Lasky!!! Plus, I’m not sure if DIma survived or not…she is probably dead, but hey…ya never know what could happen. Also, you could tell that Lasky’s mother was holding back the tears when she had to inform Lasky of his brother’s death…but when they zoomed in on her eyes..you could see the raw emotion that was portrayed in her eyes. That was enough to bring me to tears. Yes…I’m a guy that cries. Big deal. Anyway, awesome series so far…waiting for the next episode that should premiere in 3 to 4 hours…thanks again for this blog…

  • jake108

    Burmetheus, after looking into it further, I agree that they are Covenant Corvettes and not Frigates. I was confused by the sizes of the ships and thought Corvettes were bigger based on what we boarded in Halo: Reach. Though, it was my mistake to assume that was a model ship for all Corvettes when in fact that was a Heavy-Class Corvette in Halo: Reach.

  • jake108

    TheOnyxWolf3438 , I did not notice that. Thanks for pointing it out! I’m thinking it was probably a continuity goof since an ODST was shown in the next cut back to the pod, as pointed out by SuperNerfSpartan. ODST’s had their own uni’s at this point judging by the last video Lasky saw of his Brother.