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A Geekscape Special Podcast – Ian Kerner Slices And Dices ‘The Wolverine’

Sunday 28th July 2013 by Jonathan

This is it, the best breakdown of ‘The Wolverine’ that you’re going to get from the best source around. X-Pert Ian Kerner cuts through The Wolverine and dissects what works and doesn’t work in this fun entry in the X-Men saga. Did they have to deviate from the comics? How did the movie have more in common with the X-Men storyline than the Claremont and Miller mini-series? Were the Silver Samurai or Viper depictions up to snuff? How does The Wolverine fit in and rank with the rest of the X-Men films? What’s coming up in Days of Future Past? Here are all the answers, in complete Ian Kerner glory!