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Xbox Reveal Conference LIVE BLOG!

Tuesday 21st May 2013 by Shane O'Hare

The newest iteration of the Microsoft console is getting announced RIGHT NOW! So if you can’t watch  then follow along with us here as I try to keep up with these marketing types!

Xbox One


20 minutes behind schedule but we’re here! Newest console will be called ” XBOX ONE” So far the newest console will have a lot of the same features the PS4 has. Live game DVR and asynchronous events. Search for your perfect match making game while you do other things.


EA Sports president is on stage talking about exclusives. EA Sports ignite. (New game engine?)

Sports stars are on talking about their specific sports. A lot of bombastic music. Appears that EA Sports Ignite IS a new engine or programming platform specifically for sports games.

Got a lot of buzz words going on here. EA Ignite will feature 10x the animation depth and detail from previous engines. Multiple calculations will allow for more life like interactions.

This crowd HAS to be paid or have plants in it because there are some people going CRAZY over polygons. Fifa 14 looks fucking GORGEOUS!


Microsoft studios Phil Spencer on stage. This crowd is dubbed! THEY DUBBED THEIR CROWD!

MS Studios wants to focus on original content and story telling. Developers have already been writing for the XBOX ONE.

Forza Motorsports 5 running on XBOX ONE. MY Favorite racing game of all time. Forza 4 looked amazing but this looks pretty damn good. I think slightly less than PS4 Drive Club but still only a trailer. Forza 5 will be available at console launch. More news at E3!

UGGG! “Cloud Powered” games that change. I don’t like this.  Remedy Games (Max Pane) have a new game called Quantum Break. Live action trailer. Game looks as if time will be the major gimmick here.


Nancy Tellem head of Xbox Entertainment Studios onstage. She is talking about her work at CBS and various TV shows. TV on xbox will let you “Virtuall jump into the action”. Truly personalized TV. Social TV.


Head of 343 industries Bonnie Ross onstage. Possible Halo TV show? She is talking about Halo story telling. They want to expand story telling on XBOX ONE. LIVE ACTION HALO TELEVISION SERIES! LIVE ACTION HALOZ! Steven Spielberg is on the Telescreen talking about his love of games.


NFL Network on XBOX TV. Exclusive content that supports Smart Glass and Kinect. Focus on Fantasy Football. Skype integration.


Conference recap. Focus of this conference appears to be on TV shows.


XBOX ONE will be released later this year. Most likely Holiday. More games will be revealed and shown at E3.


All Call of Duty DLC will launch first on XBOX ONE.


Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg on stage. Next COD had a focus on an entirely new world, new characters. Infinity Ward dev diary on the Telescreen. Brand new COD game engine for COD Ghosts. Stephen Gaghan writer of Traffic and Syriana worked on the story. The game takes place after a global event where the US is the underdogs, and actual dogs. You will have a dog be apart of your squad. New polygon tech, Sub D, will increase polygon count the closer you get to an object.

Did they really just say that game leaning is a new feature? LEANING A NEW FEATURE? DAFUQ!?

Environments will have an AI. Smoke. Flora and fauna. Shadows.

Dynamic maps. Earthquakes (BF3 much?), player damage. More in depth player customization.

Side by side of COD: MOD 3 and Ghosts. There is a HUGE leap of “visual fidelity”. Granted, COD MOD 3 was running on VERY old tech, this jump is substantial.

New trailer for COD Ghosts. All is supposed gameplay running on an XBOX ONE. So much ‘MURICA in this trailer it hurts. I am getting a confederate flag tattoo because of this!


AND THAT IS A WRAP FOLKS! Not a lot of new games displayed but still a good deal of information to go through. Focus on centralizing entertainment was huge. Expect to see more focus on keeping you in the living room and using the XBOX ONE to consume entertainment. Stay with us during E3 and we will be sure to update you on all of the new games promised from XBOX ONE!