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Unboxing The ‘Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows Of Valentia’ Limited Edition

Monday 26th June 2017 by Josh Jackson

Fire Emblem Echoes has arrived for the 3DS! So as expected, Nintendo’s latest turn based strategy epic launched with a limited edition that left fans of the game mashing their refresh buttons for a chance to get their hands on the special release. Packaged with a soundtrack, a hardcover artbook and three pixel pins featuring Alm, Celica, and series poster boy Marth, we were able to snag one of the boxes to share with all you wonderful people. So if you were unable to get one yourself, or just wanted to see what the big deal was, take a look at our unboxing gallery below and check out all the goodies.

The unboxing begins.

The art book is loaded with detailed notes and concept art for many of the game’s cast.

The design of the CD has to be the nicest looking part of the package.

To think Celica could look any cuter.


The pin backings hid some cool erm… emblems.

While the CD may look gorgeous and I’m always a sucker for pins, the art book goes above and beyond the meager offerings I’ve come to expect from limited editions I’ve bought in the past, making it the highlight of the package for me. Its solid cover highlights its contents, which are filled with a decent amount of insight to accompany the evolution of the character designs. For an extra $20, it’s hard to walk away as anything but satisfied.

Check out our full review of Echoes here. Are you on the fence about picking up the amiibo for the game? Find out if they’re worth it before you go on the hunt. Let us know what your favorite items in the limited edition were in the comments!