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Saint Mort’s Top 10 Albums of 2012

Friday 28th December 2012 by Saintmort

I have a weird taste of music. I’m very very aware of this. I have seen other websites top 10 lists and I’ve noticed that only one of my 10 has appeared on anyone else’s lists. One could almost say this is more of a “Top 10 Overlooked Albums of 2012” if not for about 2 albums (or 4 albums depending how you look at it).

10. Garfunkel & Oats: Slippery When Moist

Last year Garfunkel and Oates’ All Over Your Face was in my top 5 of the year. Slippery When Moist continues their ear for quality comedy music. It’s rare that comedy and music work in a way where you want to hear the songs again and again. For the most part the joke pretty much dies down after the 2nd time you’ve heard it. However G&O have managed to find themselves ranking with Lonely Island, Tenacious D and Flight of the Conchords who aren’t Comedians doing Music, but Musicians who are also comedians. Kate and Rikki’s ear for music is what makes this album well worth the multiple listens.

9. Wordburglar: 3rdburglar  

The first of two Saint Mort Show guests whose album just would not leave my CD player this year. Wordburglar completely outdid himself with this record. He makes his geek flag fly in my favorite track “Drawings with Words”.

8. fun. : Some Nights

2010’s Aim and Ignite was one of the best debuts of the last few years so when I first heard fun.’s Some Nights I was a bit let down.  I wanted a carbon copy of their debut. As the year went on the album proved to be one of the most popular releases of year producing two MASSIVE hit singles. The album has grown on me. I still don’t think that it’s better than anything that The Format or Steel Train released, but it is still an impressive blend of Pop Rock and Hip Hop Production.

7. Gummy Soul: Bizarre Tribe

This year Gummy Soul decided pay tribute to the greatest era of hip-hop (Early 90’s Alternative Hip-Hop). They achieved this by mixing songs by two of the most legendary groups of the genre. Bizarre Tribe blends Pharcyde and Tribe Called Quest songs and interviews into a singular story about the rise and fall of these groups. The highlight is Bonita Keeps on Passin’ Me By.

6. The Avett Brothers: The Carpenter

The Avett Brother’s last album (2009’s I and Love and You) was my favorite album of the year and one of my top 10 favorite albums of all time. Their follow-up had a lot to live up to and I’ll be the first to admit that it failed to match nor top what was easily their career defining release. That being said The Carpenter was a great album with brilliant lyrics, but it takes a while to really get going.

5. Super Mash Brothers: Miley High Club

The 2nd Mash-Up/Mux Tape album to make my list this year. Super Mash Brother have upped the ante from 2010’s Get Euros, Fuck Bitches and made a fun party record blending random songs like the Rugrats theme song and Seasons of Love by Rent with Ke$ha and Lupe Fiasco songs.

4. Green Day: Uno/Dos/Tre

Green Day has received a fair share of shit over the years, quite unfairly I might add. This year’s triple album release just further proved why they are one of the greatest bands of all time. Each album represented a different style of music, be it Dos’ 50s/60s Garage rock (which is easily the most underrated Green Day Album since Warning), the Indie rock sounds of Uno or the modern rock sounds of Tre. The legendary punk rock trio (plus a 4th member that I still don’t acknowledge) have continued to push their genre into new experimental styles.

3. Pterofractyl: The Responsible Artist

One of my favorite albums of 2009 was The March Hare’s Mr. Nimbus. Sadly about a month after the album came out the band broke up. I was beyond excited when March Hare’s vocalist Zach Guy-Frank emailed me that he had a new music project and sent me his debut EP. The combination of multi-layered vocal tracks and chaotic time signatures created one of the most interesting 20 minutes of 2012.

2.Harley Poe: Satan, Sex and No Regrets

When I was a kid I loved Calibretto 13. They broke up just as I was about to start college, sadly it took me until about a year ago to find out that lead singer Joe Whiteford formed a new band almost immediately after they broke up. That band was Harley Poe. Not only did I get to have lead singer Joe on the Saint Mort Show, but I was lucky enough to strike up a decent email friendship with him. While I love all their records they went above and beyond the call of duty with their newest record Satan, Sex and No Regrets. This album makes light hearted sing-along songs out of awful things like Cannibalism, Homicide and Child Molestation. One of the best tracks however is the eerie cover of The Hearse Song made famous from the infamous Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark book series.

1. Those Galloping Hordes: Things I Grew Up With

I’d put my money down that like Pterofractyl you haven’t heard this band before. The band is made up of various members of 3 musicians from PA and DE. This multi-tracked mostly instrumental opus’ tells the story of  Susanna Cox. Susanna Cox was a mentally challenged woman charged and hanged for murder with no evidence and no one to defend her. It’s one of the greatest tragedies in the history of Berks County. Multi-Instrumentalists Corey Higman and Danny Mink (with the help of Ryan Herrmann on Drums) recorded a beautifully crafted 12 tracks that simply would not leave my CD player.