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Sabrina The Teenage Witch Being Made Into a Live-Action Superhero Film

Thursday 12th April 2012 by Matt Landsman

It’s April 12th and we’re still posting April Fools Jokes? Actually we aren’t.  Deadline has reported that Sony Pictures is “re-imagining” the classic Archie Comics title with some of the original publishers of the comic as the producers.  The site says about the movie ” it will be an origin story in the vein of Spider-Man, about a young girl coming to terms with her remarkable powers.”

Mark Walters is in line to direct the project, scheduling permitting. Casting is sure to be an interesting process that we’ll want to keep an eye on for this project, but as of now, relatively few details have been released from Sony. Stay tuned for further updates when we attempt to answer the pivotal question, “why bother?”