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Geekscape Recaps: “Legends of Tomorrow” – Star City 2046

Thursday 25th February 2016 by jake108

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We all knew at some point, the Legends would have to go to the future at some point this season. Luckily for us, Star City was the setting for their first trip into the future. So, along with setting the stage for the next episode, the show introduced a new character fans have been clamoring for, along with an older Oliver Queen. So, without further ado, let’s get to it!

Warning: Spoilers Ahead! 

Grant Wilson

The promos released last week teased an appearance by Deathstroke, however, we didn’t expect that it would be Deathstroke’s son, Grant, behind the mask. In the comics, Grant Wilson has a complicated relationship with his father. While idolizing him in some instances, Grant was trained by Slade himself. However, Grant was often belittled and scolded for not living up to the Wilson name.

Legends of Tomorrow 106 Grant

Eventually, Grant killed his father and thus lived up to the name. In this particular universe, it can be assumed that Grant was responsible for Slade’s outing. Slade is never really addressed beyond the likeness of Grant’s armor. However, we do know that some years prior to 2046, Slade returned with an army and took Star City by storm. Oliver tried raising an army himself, but he ended up failing the city.

Legends of Tomorrow Oliver 106

Felicity got out of the city and Team Arrow was killed in the war for Star City. Fans of Arrow may find this “Uprising” familiar as it follows a similar event in the show’s second season. Looks like Slade is destined to try his hand again at taking Star City. That action can’t come soon enough.

Connor Hawke

Connor Hawke’s name has been swirling the internet ever since we all found out Oliver had a son. Of course, many of us thought it would be William who would grow up to take up the mantle of the Green Arrow. Instead, John Diggle Jr. grows up and takes up the mantle in protecting Star City. It’s important to note that Connor Hawke wasn’t trained by Oliver, or at least it didn’t seem like it. Diggle appears to have died when Connor was young. It can only be assumed that Lyla and Sara Diggle got out of the city or will also killed during the Uprising. I still find it quite frightening that neither A.R.G.U.S., The Flash, or any other militaristic force could have stopped Slade’s Uprising.

Legends of Tomorrow 106 Connor Hawke

By the end of the episode, Connor and Oliver reconcile and agree to start up shop again. Connor will presumably be trained by Oliver going forward, but by the end of the episode, should everything work out, Star City 2046 will look a lot different with White Canary and The Atom present to stop Slade and his army. Did I mention how I hope this happens sometime soon in Arrow?

Heat Wave and Captain Cold

The relationship between Captain Cold and Heat Wave came to a boiling point by the end of this episode. Essentially, Snart reasserted his dominance over the “partnership” him and Mick have going on. This reassertion did go over so well with Mick as he was perfectly happy living a crime-ridden Star City 2046. While it was the perfect playground for Mick to thrive in, Snart once again displayed he has a heart, albeit a cold one.

Legends of Tomorrow Snart 106

To be fair, Snart tried to reason with Mick by playing the notoriety card, should they defeat Savage. Snart also commented on the fact that he has had to lie to Mick a few times before and during past jobs that they’ve done together. Mick took this as an act of betrayal and the two are not on great terms now. It would seem Mick is just one step away from turning on Snart, which would be bad for everyone. I could only imagine how hard it would be to eliminate Mick as a problem, short of killing him of course.


That’s all for this week! As always, thanks for reading!