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Geekscape Recaps: ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ – Fail Safe

Friday 19th February 2016 by jake108

Note: Check our recaps of The FlashArrow, and last week’s Legends of Tomorrow!

It seems with every week, this show ramps up the action, special effects, drama. ‘Fail Safe’ did not disappoint. It what was touted to be the second biggest prison break for both Captain Cold and Heat Wave, we were also treated the reconciliation between Jackson and Stein which will most definitely lead to a stronger bond between the two. Let’s get to it!

Warning: Spoilers Ahead! 

Team Building in a Gulag

Palmer finally got through to Mick, even if Mick didn’t react to Palmer’s good deeds until the tail end of the episode. While this episode was a continuation of last week’s adventure, a number of steps were taken by all team members in developing as characters. Palmer, however, developed the least, but had the most impact on changing the way Heat Wave thinks regarding the rest of the team. Cold has showed he has a heart and cares for others, aside from Mick, but Mick was the last one that had limited his caring to his gun and Cold. Palmer took a couple of beatings, one for Mick, and this lead to us seeing another side of Mick we had not yet seen.

Legends of Tomorrow 105

Jackson and Stein came to a mutual understanding this episode. We also saw Stein overpower Valentina and stop her from using Firestorm powers on Jackson. This was mostly surprising because we’re just coming off a couple of weeks in Earth-2 in which Cisco encountered Deathstorm in The Flash. Cisco asks about Stein, and Ronnie remarks that he hasn’t heard Stein’s voice in a long time. Turns out, all Stein really needed was some words of encouragement.

Sara Lance

Sara was asked to kill Stien, if rescuing him became impossible. Cold repeatedly tried to convince her that she did not have to rush and pull the trigger on Stien. The resolution came when Cold told Sara that she “wasn’t that person anymore.” Sara is on a path to discovering herself yet again. Throughout her life, she has been subjected to what others have been telling her in regards to her purpose. In the first part of her life, she was Laurel’s little sister, and Oliver’s secret lover. Having had the experience on Lian-Yu, she was then brought into the League of Assassin’s by Nyssa Al Ghul.

Legends of Tomorrow 105

After spending years as a killer, and an assassin on the run, Sara died. Her being brought back to life via the Lazarus Pit had its setbacks, namely the bloodlust, but the resurrection was more about her physical self living again. Now, while traveling through time, Sara is resurrecting who she is on the inside and coming into her own. Doing this is allowing her to combat her bloodlust through sheer will. Time will tell if she grows ill eventually like Thea did in the last couple of weeks of Arrow.

Star City 2046

With something this big, it’s hard not to look ahead. The rubble that is Star City appears to be caused by Savage and his forces, should the Legends fail. It’s likely that the Arrow we saw at the end of the episode was either Oliver’s son, Connor Hawke, or yet another sidekick that has yet to be seen.

Legends of Tomorrow 105

As we know, Oliver has one son right now, William, but William doesn’t fit the description of the Connor Hawke found in the comics.

Arrow 408

Another thing worth pointing out is the “Smoak” building, which seems to suggest Felicity had a rewarding career in taking over Palmer tech and Queen Consolidated. It could also mean that Felicity stepped away from Team Arrow and formed her own company.

Legends of Tomorrow 105

Next week is shaping up to be a fan-favorite episode. I know I’m looking forward to it!

That’s all for this week! As always, thanks for reading!