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Geekscape Recaps: ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ – White Knights

Thursday 11th February 2016 by jake108

Note: Check out our recaps of this week’s episodes of The Flash, Arrow, and last week’s Legends of Tomorrow!

Legends of Tomorrow continues to ramp up the action and adventure with another episode this week. Along with some great one-liners, we were also treated to the return of Chronos, an appearance by a time master, and a very charming Captain Cold. Let’s get to it!

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

The episode begins with the team traveling to Washington in 1986 to steal some documents detailing the whereabouts of Vandal Savage. After a mission inside the Pentagon, the team was able to acquire said documents, which then lead them to Soviet Russia.

Legends of Tomorrow 104

After ingesting translators, the team was able to go down to the USSR and go incognito long enough to steal a key card that would lead to a secret Soviet lab. In that lab, Stein found that Savage, using the USSR, was trying to create their own version of a Firestorm.

Legends of Tomorrow 104

The team is eventually split up in yet another mismanaged mission spearheaded by Rip Hunter. Next week, however, we’re getting an episode in which Captain Cold and company must rescue his friend, Mick, from a impenetrable Russian Gulag. Truly, this will be the ultimate prison break.

Kendra and Sara

Early on in the episode, Kendra kinda lost her cool at the Pentagon. She went into a full berserk mode and started clawing eyes out left and right. It took Firestorm to subdue her by flying her out of the mission area. After that episode, Rip tasked Sara to try and coach her up on controlling her rage.

Legends of Tomorrow 104

Their first practice didn’t go as planned and Sara’s bloodlust started to show. This spooked Sara, which caused Kendra to speak to Rip about the ordeal. Rip then suggested that his original idea was for them to help each other with their inner-demons. It makes sense, and by the end of this season, it would be nice if Sara was able to have a handle on her bloodlust enough to be able to let it out at her will, instead of it taking over entirely. While we know there is a cure for her bloodlust, something we found out last night on Arrow, I can see Sara not wanting to change anything about herself when it’s all said and done.


The time-traveling bounty hunter was at it again this episode. Rip was able to dodge Chronos’ first attempt at capturing Rip and his team. After being shot down by Russian jets, Chronos probably crash landed in a forest not too far from where Rip made his crash landing. It can be assumed that Chronos’ ship was heavily damaged and called for aid.

Legends of Tomorrow 101.png.cf

The back up showed up in the from of a Time Master, who journeyed from the Vanishing Point. They offered Rip a way out, but ultimately they planned to betray him all along. This instance solidifies that the Time Masters will not listen to Rip’s reasoning and solely care about keeping the timeline intact.


The Firestorm drama showed up in a big way tonight. Along with coming to terms with being kidnapped and forced to embark on this mission, Jax made it evident that he was angry with Stein, which lead to numerous instances in which Jax would not take Stein’s advice. After their heavy argument, Stein confessed to Ray Palmer that he could not bear to lose another Firestorm partner.

Legends of Tomorrow 104

Ronnie Raymond, the first Firestorm, died last season in The Flash when he scarified himself to close a vortex, saving Central City and the world. After that, Stein realized that it was his partners who were continually putting themsleves in harms way. In an effort to keep them safe, Stein does the only thing he knows how to do and lectures Jax before, during, and after missions. However, this time was different in that Stein was purposely mean to Jax in order to get a point across.

Legends of Tomorrow 104

All of this culminated in Stein sacrificing himself to complete the mission in the USSR secret lab. Upon discovering that the Soviets planned on creating their own Firestorm, Stein risked his life scuttling the Soviet’s tools. His effort resulted in getting captured, along with Heat Wave and Ray Palmer.

Before we leave on this, it’s entirely possible we will see the Soviet’s version of Firestorm in the form of Svarozhich. Svarozhich was a character in the comics, one that fought Firestorm briefly before being absorbed by him entirely. Svarozhich was a soulless clone created by the USSR to wreak havoc on their foes. Eventually, Svarozhich would cease to exist, but his powers were used for good.

Legends of Tomorrow 104

USSR 1986

Take this with a grain of salt, but one of the tie-in’s between the show and our history comes in the form of an event that actually happened in January 1986. Dubbed “Height 611 UFO Incident,” this event came in the form of UFO crash in near some mountains. Sound familiar?


That’s all for this week! Did I miss something? Don’t be afraid to comment! As always, thanks for reading!