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Geekscape Recaps: ‘Arrow’ – Sins of the Father

Wednesday 10th February 2016 by jake108

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Fortunately for us, Arrow seems to be on an upswing. While Star City seems to be in chaos at all times, Oliver and Team Arrow devised a way to solve and prevent and full on League of Assassins Civil War. Let’s get to it!

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

League of Assassins

The episode starts off rather quickly. This is something that is to be appreciated since this League business will not be drawn out over the course of two or three episodes. Nyssa tries, at first, to get Oliver to do her bidding. In her perspective, Oliver must appease her because technicially, in the League’s eyes, they are husband and wife. For the remaineder of the episode, Nyssa awkwardly referred to Oliver as “husband.”

Arrow 413

Nyssa, armed with League loyalists, threatens to set Star City as the stage for their Civil War, should Merlyn not step down. This happens for what seems a couple of nights. Their war began for a couple of reasons, but mainly because Merlyn was not comfortable giving Nyssa the power that comes with controlling the League of Assassins. At first, Merlyn had the very good point of questioning where this Lotus elixir came from in the first place. This, unfortunately, was never answered. Katana was missing in action as well after seemingly giving up the Lotus freely to Nyssa.

Arrow 413

The dispute ends when Oliver takes up the fight, in Nyssa’s place, and defeats Merlyn, Nyssa becomes Ra’s Al Ghul for a night before disbanding the League entirely. And so, after losing his title, along with his hand, Merlyn has become a full-on villain again.

Arrow 413

This is great for the show in many ways and I hope Merlyn continues to scheme in the shadows until next season. For now, he’s told Damien Darhk about Oliver’s biggest secret: William.

Who’s in the Grave?!

The theory of the week would suggest that it’s Oliver’s son, William. When William was introduced into Arrow, I honestly thought he wouldn’t resurface until a little ways down the road. Well, it looks like William is going to need more than his Flash action figure in order to stay safe from Darhk’s assault.

Arrow 408

Of course, Oliver probably won’t know until it’s too late. Still, I don’t think William is in the grave. If anything, he might escape and be forced to change his name, along with his mother. The new alias? Connor Hawke. 


The side plot this episode dealt with Felicity’s daddy issues. Some interesting tidbits dropped this episode. First, it was revelaed that Felicity’s father has been gone for eighteen years. During that time, it’s assumed that the Calculator was a criminal for hire. He would routinely do hacks for money. Some of these hacks were documented by him and put onto a USB drive. In an effort to get Felicity to trust him, he gave her some of the jobs he did.

Arrow 413

However, by the end of the episode, Felicity found that her father had not really changed and got Star City Police to arrest him. I’m sure this earned a seal of approval from Felicity’s mom, who also told Felicity how he left her with no money and no job.

Arrow 413

Calculator will be going away, but I doubt it will be for long. Earlier this episode, Calculator did mention that he was hired to do the job he did last week. His employer is probably in a high position of power and may even be Damien Darhk. Regardless, Calculator won’t be in prison for long.



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