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Geekscape Recaps: ‘Arrow’ – Taken

Wednesday 24th February 2016 by jake108

Note: Catch our recaps of last week’s ArrowLegends of Tomorrow, and last night’s episode of The Flash!

Luckily for us, we were once again treated to a solid episode of Arrow and will now have to wait until next month to see what will become of H.I.V.E., Olicity, Merlyn, and Star City. This entire season, it seems that the show has been afraid of doing something to change the formula up, or something irreversible for that matter. Tonight, Arrow took a step in the right direction.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead! 


We got our first live-action appearance of another beloved DC hero in Vixen. In the comics, Vixen is a respected businesswoman, a model, and a warrior. Thanks to the Tantu Totem, she is able to wield the power of pretty much the entire animal kingdom.  The history of the totem derives from legend, mainly being that the totem was created with the purpose of protecting the innocent. In regards to Arrow‘s continuity, it would seem that Darhk has had some experience with the totem in the past and knows full well of its capabilities. In this episode, Darhk made reference to seeing it before. As we know Darhk has had an usual long life, which was evidenced in an earlier episode of Legends of Tomorrow. Through history, the totem was then passed down through generations until it reached the McCabe’s, and then Mari McCabe herself.

arrow 415 Vixen

Vixen has also been affiliated with the Justice League, the Suicide Squad, and the Birds of Prey. As far as the Arrow‘s continuity goes, Vixen has appeared in an animated series that is cannon with both Arrow and The Flash. You can find these episodes here.

Magical Artifacts

Finally, we found out the source of Darhk’s power. We first got a glimpse of how Darhk was fueling his magic in the first episode of the season. With the help of Vixen, the artifact that was powering Darhk was destroyed, rendering him extremely vulnerable. Oliver took him down and Darhk is now behind bars.

arrow 415 darhk

However, it is foolish for anyone to think Darhk doesn’t have some kind back up totem stored away. I’m not saying he’ll come back with the same powers, but it’s unlike Darhk not to have any contingencies.


It’s always nice to hear what Constantine has been up to since his appearance on Arrow earlier this season. When Team Arrow was looking to Oliver for external help, Constantine’s name was brought up. Oliver responded by saying Constantine was in Hell. Sounds about right.

Arrow 405

Since then, Constantine’s presence on the show has had a ripple effect in the present, and in Oliver’s flashbacks. In this episode, the tattoo Constantine gave Oliver on his abdomen glowed when Reiter opened up an entrance to a cave. After spooky-scary Conklin showed up, Oliver was granted passage into whatever that cave leads to.


At the end of the episode, it was revealed that Malcolm Merlyn abducted William at a play to get on Darhk’s good side. While this action appears to be so on the surface, under-the-surface, it would appear as if Merlyn may be making a play at a bigger role.

arrow 415

Since the League of Assassin’s has been disbanded, Merlyn hasn’t been quite ready for retirement. Instead, I think Merlyn is going to make a strong push to assume Darhk’s reign as a sort of General in the ranks of H.I.V.E. We do know that Darhk wasn’t the sole authority in H.I.V.E., but rather answered to a committee of sorts. It doesn’t matter if the committee was afraid of Darhk, now that he’s behind bars and all, so what better opportunity for Merlyn to jump at the chance at playing the committee to allow him assume control of H.I.V.E.? I mean, he already has Ra’s Al Ghul on his resumé. In the coming weeks, I think we can expect Merlyn going full villain again, which may lead to showdown between Darhk, Oliver, and H.I.V.E. entirely. Sprinkle in a little Deathstroke in there, and it may look like we’re in for an adventure within the next 7 episodes.


arrow 415

Well, that didn’t last too long. The end of Oliver and Felicity’s relationship came to an end with this episode, and for good reason. Oliver has lied a lot over the last four seasons and Felicity has had enough? Will they get back together? Probably. Will it happen soon? Probably not. I can see awkwardness between Felicity and Oliver for the remainder of the season, up until we find out who’s in the grave.

Who’s in the Grave?!

I haven’t changed my stance on exactly who’s in the grave. I firmly believe is Donna, Felicity’s mom. However, I would like to propose a new theory as to who’s responsible for whoever is in the grave. This whole season, we’ve been building up to who’s in the grave assuming Damien Darhk is the one who committed the murder. Should Merlyn make the push and assume leadership of H.I.V.E., I believe it will be Merlyn who is responsible for who’s in the grave.

Barry + Arrow 401

Think about it. Aside from whoever is six feet under, what’s making Oliver even more distraught could be the person responsible. Oliver remarks at the gravesite his intention to kill again and how dark everything has become. A couple of episodes back, Oliver and Merlyn saw eye-to-eye when it came to helping Thea. That relationship fell apart when Oliver bested Merlyn in combat and took the League of Assassins leadership away from him. Merlyn did not hide the fact that he is incredibly angry with Oliver and made his feelings clear. Not only that, but his relationship with Thea also fell apart at the end of this episode. With his ties severed, we now have a enraged nothing-to-live-for Malcolm Merlyn hellbent on destroying Oliver Queen and everything he stands for. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for the showdown.