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Geekscape Recaps: ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ – Marooned

Friday 4th March 2016 by jake108

Note: Check out our recaps of last week’s episodes of The FlashArrow, and Legends of Tomorrow!

While Arrow and The Flash are away, Legends of Tomorrow continues its run in exciting fashion. Last night, we had more than a few easter eggs, found out the Waverider could travel into deep space, and we were dealt a pretty big cliffhanger. Let’s get to it!

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

Eve Baxter

Legends of Tomorrow 107 Baxter

The majority of the episode involves Rip and company boarding a Time Master ship that’s sending out a distress call. Quickly, Rip and co find out that the ship has been boarded by Space Pirates. The ship’s real captain, Eve Baxter, had been taken prisoner. In the cell, we find out that Baxter is up to date when it comes to news regarding Rip Hunter. From her immediate perspective, Rip is a fugitive on the run from the Time Masters. She makes her allegiance clear, something that eventually changes by the end of the episode. Baxter is also probably a nod to Bonnie Baxter, one of Rip’s colleagues.


In the comics, Baxter is a scientist. After being ousted from her previous group of colleagues, Baxter joins Rip in his time-traveling adventures.


Legends of Tomorrow 107

Baxter’s ship, the Acheron, is possibly named after a Greek River. In Greek mythology, it is believed that there are five rivers in the Underworld. Acheron is known as the River of Pain. If you’re not into that sort of stuff, Acheron is also the name one of the moons orbiting Calpamos in the fictional Alien/Blade Runner universe.

Black Pirate

The Space Pirates were headed by one man, Jon Valor. While Jon Valor’s comic iteration has little to no resemblance of who we saw last night, it’s impossible to ignore just what the creative team did with the character.

Legends of Tomorrow 107

In the comics, Black Pirate is a 16th century hero that is wrongfully charged with the murder of his son. Upon execution, Valor casts a spell that would enable him and his crew to never rest until his name is cleared.

Legends of Tomorrow 107 Black Pirate

See? Big difference.


During the episode, Rip Hunter made reference to the “Imperix onslaught.” Of course, Rip was just trying to scare Valor into thinking Ray Palmer was a legendary warrior, but for those of you that don’t know, Imperix was a pretty big enemy to the Justice League and life as we know it.

Legends of Tomorrow 107 Imperiex

Imperix came to our solar system with the intention of hollowing it out so that he may create anew. This caused the Justice League not only to align with Lex Luthor, but with Darkseid and Warworld too. This cosmic event ended with Superman throwing Warworld, Brainiac 13, and Imperix through a Boomtube created by Darksied, which then sent them back to the big bang. That was a mouth full.

Kanjar Ro

Rip made another reference to Kanjar Ro, a villain of Superman’s and the Justice League. His reference came at another point in which he was trying to intimidate Valor. In the comics, Kanjar Ro is a schemer. He plots and eventually enacts these grand plans.

Legends of Tomorrow 107

In one case, his sister became warden of a prison that would house super-villains on another planet. In this case, Kanjar Ro was casting a net to catch all of the Justice League’s enemies and use them for his own bidding.

Heat Wave

The fate of Heat Wave will ultimately have to be shown next week, or at a later date. It’s impossible to say what exactly happened, but I doubt Snart actually killed his partner. Much of the episode built up to this and for those of you who have been watching The Flash, this confrontation has been a long time coming.

Legends of Tomorrow 107 Mick

Heat Wave and Captain Cold’s relationship has always been clear to us: Cold is the brains and Mick is the muscle. Mick has always been relying on Snart and his mind to get them jobs and conduct heists. That isn’t to say Mick doesn’t have a brain either though. In any case, Mick had it with Snart’s orders and the confrontation ensued. If anything, I would think Snart froze Mick or froze his legs so that the ice would eventually melt and Mick would be free to go. Exactly where and when he was dropped off is also an important question. Regardless, I sincerely hope we haven’t seen the last of Mick Rory.


That’s all for this week! Thanks for reading!