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Geekscape 261: The Suburban Legends by Jonathan

My friends The Suburban Legends join me for this musical episode of Geekscape! Years ago, we shot a video for their song “Please Come Back Home” and today, Vince, Brian and Derek come on Geekscape to talk about their new album Day Job and play a couple of songs for you! They talk about this new album, their return to straight up ska and what each of them do as their day job! Brian talks about his Killing Joke tattoo, geeks out over Farscape and Stargate with Jonathan and expresses his desire to read more comics! The band also talks about being a Disney park band and their upcoming summer tour with Reel Big Fish and Goldfinger!

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  • Brian Klemm

    MR. London got me pregnant…..i think… pretty sure its his! its that or a food baby


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