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Could Matthew Vaughn Be Directing ‘Justice League’? by Shawn Madden

There’s been plenty of rumors and talk about directors when it comes to Warner Bros. upcoming superhero ensemble, Justice League. Just today it was revealed from a fairly reliable source what characters would be seen in the film. Now, we may have the first official hint at who may actually be directing the film. Just a short while ago Variety’s Marc Graser, a very reliable source, tweeted something very interesting.





Could we be getting ready for some official news regarding this project? Not long ago it was rumored that Matthew Vaughn would be directing the next Star Wars. But with the recent news of J.J. Abrams signing on to direct Star Wars: Episode VII, could this end up being the real project that that the director has signed on for? We may be finding out very soon.

2 Responses to “Could Matthew Vaughn Be Directing ‘Justice League’?”

  1. Oerwinde says:

    He’ll get attached, announce some really awesome stuff, then bugger off for some other project leaving it in the hands of someone much less talented. Like he’s done for most of his projects.

  2. […] certainly wouldn’t have this fantastic tidbit of information (and we wouldn’t know who MIGHT be directing ‘Justice League’ […]

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