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Geekscape 265: Marc Zicree! Step Aboard “Space Command”!

Tuesday 12th June 2012 by Jonathan

Wow! I love this guest. Marc Zicree is a successful writer, director and producer who has worked in television and film for over 30 years. He’s written on shows like Star Trek: The Next Generation, Sliders, Babylon 5, He-Man, Smurfs and tons more. Marc is also the author of The Twilight Zone Companion and has a million stories bridging classic Hollywood and the modern day. In this visit to Geekscape, Marc talks about his new project Space Command, what he thought of Prometheus and his friendship with recently departed legend Ray Bradbury.

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  • xan

    Wow wa wow! This episode is MADNESS! I’m callin’ it right now BEST episode of the year! unless you get JJ or the whole cast of dJango on set, this show was MEGA! and don’t let this guy get away jon you stalk him or something, and why can’t you kickstarter ur movies too?!
    I’m gunna thro benDunn’s name in the hat or under the bus, have him do a submission for other. and yes PaulLondon for Matt Kemmer! Jon please direct the submission and post it on here w/ the link so we can all vote for him. So insane this episode, good job man, keep up the hard work, so great. and you got him to review prometheus ahhh!! craysee. and i agree w/ what he said.

  • Haha. I’m having dinner with Marc tomorrow night. In his own words from an email this morning: “the beginnings of a wonderful friendship”!

  • Sno

    Freakin’ eh, the cast of Django would be pretty awesome! Here’s a Space Command fan site for anyone interested: http://spacecommandfans.com

  • xan

    sno you don’t understand the ramifications of this meeting of the minds, this’s huge! like how the kSmith intro generated smod, onto the carrolla, jayMohr, penn’s show ectect..