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Geekscape 256: The FP’s Brandon, Jason and Sarah Trost

Wednesday 14th March 2012 by Jonathan

You might want to strap yourself in for this episode, featuring Brandon, Jason and Sarah Trost of the new film “The FP”. I’ve been trying for weeks to get Geekscape involved in The FP as it’s the most fun I’ve had watching a movie in a long time. Know going in that you’ll either love or hate this movie. You’ll probably love or hate this episode. But that’s how shit gets in The FP. I’m pretty stoked to have gotten a chance to sit down with Jason, who plays the lead and co-wrote the script, Sarah, who designed everything you see on screen and Brandon, who co-wrote and directed the movie. We talk online critics, making this movie for scratch and making fun of Hollywood action films. I can’t wait for all of you to watch this movie when it comes out! We’re going to talk about this one for years!

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THE FP opens in select cities this Friday, March 16 and is available in
theaters ANYWHERE across the country through Tugg.com, the collective
action platform that allows individuals to choose what they want to see at
their local theater.  More info here — http://tugg.com/thefp