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Fandom Planet 37: Lord of the Jungle

Tuesday 7th February 2012 by SaxCarr

Sax is away on assignment. Tim is left alone and scores an interview with writer Arvid Nelson, the man responsible for Dynamite Comics’ new “Lord of the Jungle” series starring, naturally, Tarzan. The comic is a faithful adaptation of the great Edgar Rice Burroughs’ novels starting right from the beginning. “Lord of the Jungle” is one of the best new comics out there. It features great artwork by Roberto Castro and, if you’re lucky to get one, a painted cover by the great Alex Ross. The cover price for the first issue is only a buck. Do yourself a favor and pick up an issue today. Arvid has a lot to say about Tarzan and his love for the character and the medium of comic books is very, very clear. AAAAAA-oooooo-aaaaaaaaaa! Editors Note: After Tim recorded this interview it was announced that the Edgar Rice Burroughs Estate had filed a lawsuit against Dynamite for the use of the Tarzan IP (and others). We chose to air this episode unedited with hopes of contributing to the knowledge of the issue. We will be covering the story from here on out.