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Before The Doors Open: Photos From The SDCC Floor! by Shane O'Hare

Today me and our fearless leader got into the San Diego Comic Con and snapped some photos of the show floor, before ANYONE else! Take a look below!

SO! Come! Stay a while and listen! We are at booth #3919! And keep checking the site for updated schedule of special guests!

Shane O'Hare

The northern most Geekscapist. I've been doing the 'scape since before it was cool! Video games are my main prerogative but I can be passionately geeky for many things.

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2 Responses to “Before The Doors Open: Photos From The SDCC Floor!”

  1. xan says:

    Needs more boothbabes!! No, i’m just kidding.. no i’m not. No but thanks for the shots man, good looking out! Can’t wait to see the Hall H footage..

  2. […] Geekscape has uploaded a few images of the Hasbro Booth while it was under contruction at Comic Con.  The most notable point of interest here is that massive pony banner.  Pretty much all of our fan favorites are present and accounted for, including Derpy right up there front and center.  Remember when she was just an animation error?  […]

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