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‘Fallout’ Television Series May Be In The Works by Shawn Madden

There’s no question that the Fallout video game series is a highly-recognizable name and very popular franchise among the video game community. Now, it appears that Bethesda may be looking to branch out by bringing the popular video game series to television. Bethesda Softworks have registered a trademark at the US Patent and Trademark Office with the mark “FALLOUT”, for “an on-going television program set in a post-nuclear apocalyptic world.” Pretty straight forward right?




Another interesting thing it’s worth noting is that Erik Todd Dellums, who portrays DJ Three Dog in Fallout 3, recently tweeted that we may be seeing more of the character soon. Many fans had assumed that a fourth installment in the series would be on the way, but with this recent revelation it appears Dellums may have been referring to the television series.



With the success of shows such as The Walking Dead, Revolution and other shows of the sort…it doesn’t seem entirely unlikely that this show could be coming to your small screens soon. How soon? Well, hopefully before a nuclear apocalypse.




Source: EuroGamer

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