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Zachary Quinto New Male Lead On American Horror Story by Eric Diaz

So season two of American Horror Story on FX has just added their second returning cast member from the first year, as it is confirmed by that Zachary Quinto (who guest starred on a handful of episodes last season) will return to the show this year as the male lead. Instead of a haunted house in Los Angeles, the location for season two will instead by a haunted hospital on the east coast. This is the second cast member from year one coming back to the series, as it was previously confirmed that also returning to the show is Jessica Lange, who will be playing an all new part as well.

American Horror Story producer Ryan Murphy was very wise to keep Jessica Lange, the show’s most versatile actress. And they were just as smart to keep Quinto, whose star is certainly on the rise lately with the Star Trek movies. The anthology format allows these actors to show the same audience their acting range by playing different parts.

It should be noted that the double bill of openly gay Quinto and beloved-by-her-LGBT- fanbase Lange has officially made American Horror Story  THE gayest show on television. Yes, even more than Murphy’s own Glee. Hey Murphy, why not add Cher to the cast next season? And yes, I’m totally serious. You know it would be fabulous.


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