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Want To Have Your Own Batcave Home Theater?

Saturday 4th August 2012 by Shawn Madden

Got an extra two million lying around the house that you’re wondering what to do with? Well, wow about installing a replica of the batcave from The Dark Knight Rises?  Elite Home Theater Seating has done just that for one of their clients. The client has even gone as far as making their 12,000 square foot dwelling  mimic Wayne Manor down to the bust of William Shakespeare concealing a switch for elevators and a fingerprint scanner which allows access to the theater itself. The theater even includes a fifteen foot Batmobile, six batsuits, 180” film screen, winged gargoyles, private cylindrical stainless steel elevator with a glowing bat symbol, a secret tunnel exit, bat computers, and race-car inspired home theater chairs. Whoa.

Source: National Confidential