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Unleash Your Inner Child With ‘Nintendo Labo’!!

Wednesday 17th January 2018 by The_acz

Did you ever use cardboard boxes to make forts, costumes, and other things when you were younger?

If so, Nintendo has just announced the perfect building kit for you. Meet Nintendo Labo for Nintendo Switch. As mentioned, Nintendo Labo is a new initiative by Nintendo to produce building kits for some of their more experimental Switch ideas. The accessory is set to launch this April 20th with 2 SKU’S. The first one is a Variety Kit, which includes many different types of projects ranging from Pianos to fishing rods, motorcycles, and even more! The second package is the Robot Kit, which has you assembling a suit where you can take control of a giant transforming robot (very similar to the canceled Wii U title Project Giant Robot.)

The Variety Kit will be sold for $70, while the Robot Kit will go for a pretty steep $80. It’ll be interesting to see how successful or not this will be in the market. Nintendo is no stranger to console peripherals whether they be good or bad. If a success, it’ll be fun to see what other ideas Nintendo has for Labo in the future. If it fails, it’ll have been a fun experiment. Regardless, this is a very creative way of using the Switch and Joycons outside of just its normal functionality. Check out the announcement trailer below. Are you going to pick up Nintendo Labo?