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‘Uncle Kent 2’ Comes To Amazon Prime In All It’s Weird Glory

Saturday 19th August 2017 by Courtney Dossett

Uncle Kent 2 is now available to stream (free!) on Amazon Prime. Haven’t seen Uncle Kent? Apparently, you don’t need to in order to watch Uncle Kent 2.  The trailer doesn’t really reveal much in the way of a storyline – I watched the whole thing and was … confused about what I had just seen (and I’ve seen weird videos that Shane sends out).

The Indie film focuses on comic book artist Kent Osborne’s pilgrimage to San Diego Comic Con, where he “loses his mind and watches the end of the world”.

The movie follows Kent as he prepares to go to SDCC, haunted by weird post-apocalyptic dreams and earwigs from the 80’s. He even stops by our very own Geekscape booth (where you can see our own Jonathan London and more) on his way towards the end of the world! If you’re into weird indie comedies, this one’s worth the Amazon Prime purchase!

Courtney Dossett

Courtney Dossett is a long time geek who loves playing Dungeons and Dragons, as well as PC games like Crypt of the NecroDancer, Don't Starve, and Skyrim. She knows a lot of useless information, or at least where to get your answer, so feel free to tweet her @akgeekygirl.