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The Week In Geek: Oz Remade? Batman Returns to TV? New Superman A Werewolf? And More

Friday 19th November 2010 by Eric Diaz

LOTS o’ comic book movie news this week (what else is new?) but before we get to that, let’s take a trip down the yellow brick road for some truly horrible news, and just get that shit out the way first….

1939 Classic The Wizard of Oz To Be Remade???

In what seems to be the worst idea in the history of shitty ideas, Warner Brothers has decided to join in the newfound Wicked induced Oz mania by remaking The Wizard of Oz. (just by typing that, I threw up in my mouth a little) Now, don’t get me wrong…L.Frank Baum wrote something like thirteen books set in the Land of Oz, all ripe for the picking. And the original story could be done again too in different ways (there is plenty in the book the The Wonderful Wizard of Oz that wasn’t in the movie version)  However…what Warner Brothers wants to do is re do the original script and score for the 1939 classic (which they own outright)  This is freaking blashphemy. The Wizard of Oz is one of, if  not the most, iconic movie in Hollywood history. Even if you have never seen it, you can quote it. Everyone fucking knows it. I mean, I can’t imagine any studio having the balls to even attempt this, to me it would be like trying to remake the original Star Wars, or the Godfather, or Hitchcock’s Psycho (oh, wait a minute…..FUCK. never mind)  Originally Robert Zemekesis’ name was attached to this, but his people quickly put out a denial. Smart move Bob. I pray this is only a rumor, or I actively wish a fleet of winged monkeys on this movie and all those involved.

Post Nolan, Will Batman Return To Television?

So a rumor spinning out from ComicBookMovie.com this week is that Warner Brothers is thinking about the future of Batman after Christopher Nolan’s next (and likely last) installment of his Batman film series. And it seems, instead of another series of movies by yet another director, they are setting their Bat sights on to television. The rumor goes into great detail about who they want in the role (Karl Urban?) among other things…which lead me to believe this rumor is bullshit. There was just too much detail for a project this far off. But I think it is only bullshit for now. Hear me out…this could actually be a great idea, and the best option for Batman post Nolan and Bale.

It is very likely that no film director is going to match what Nolan has done on film with his two (so far) movies in terms of either acclaim or box office. It would be like the disappointment of Joel Schumacher all over again, but way worse, since Nolan’s movies are so much better than the Tim Burton ones.  The best move would be to continue the story in another medium. Of all the mainstream superheroes, Batman is the easiest to do on tv, simply due to the more realistic world he lives in.  In other words, It wouldn’t have to look like Smallville.  And Batman has the best toys of any superhero; the best villains, the best supporting cast, you name it. When you look at Batman’s comic book history –Dick Grayson as Robin, his evolution into Nightwing, Jason Todd taking over the Robin mantle, Todd’s death, Tim Drake, Barbara Gordon,  Knightfall,  The GCPD, Batwoman, etc. – you easily have anywhere from seven to ten seasons of television.  So while I don’t think this rumor is true yet…I hope it eventually becomes true. And I’ll bet someone at Warner Brothers is thinking about this right now, albeit only in passing for now…in between crack smoking sessions where they come up with bright ideas like remaking The Wizard of Oz that is.

The Search For Kal-El Begins; Brandon Routh Waits By The Phone.

Speaking on Chris Nolan’s Bat movies, remember he is also producing  the Zack Snyder directed Man of Steel reboot as well…and it appears that the casting search is on for who will play Kal-El this time. According to Deadline.com, the folks at Warners want an unknown or  a cheaper, less famous television actor who fits the part. Names that the suits keep circling are Ian Somerhalder from The Vampire Diaries and Lost (really? Maybe as Namor, but Superman?)  the 6’5 Armie Hammer, who played both the Winklevoss twins in The Social Network (and was almost Batman in George Miller’s JLA flick that died a merciful death a few years back)  and finally what seems to be the hands down best choice (In my personal opinion) Joe Manganiello from HBO’s True Blood. He’s 34, so he is definetly not too boyish but not too old, has a body like a comic book super hero, and has jet black hair and is freakin’ 6’5. Fans have been rooting for him online for awhile, and it seems someone at Warners has heard this rumor and thought it was a good idea, ‘cuz he seems to be on the shortlist. If he gets the role, it wouldn’t be the first time he starred in a comic book movie; Joe played Flash Thompson in the original Spider-Man movie back in 2002.

 Del Toro Hulks Out For ABC

Another week, another news item with Guillermo del Toro’s name attached to it. This time it looks like he will producing the new Incredible Hulk series for Marvel and ABC along with Battlestar Galactica co-producer David Eick.  What’s that?  That’s the sound of the geek community actually starting to get excited about this project. Unlike the last two movies, this version of the Hulk will be a combination of cgi, prosthetics, and puppetry. This would be aways away from debuting, at least until after Avengers comes out, so the earliest we will see this show is fall 2012. Maybe GDT will have made one of these movies he keeps talking about by then.


And Finally, X-Men Origins: Wolverine- 2 Gets A Title

It will simply be called The Wolverine. And I just would like to add that I called that shit a few weeks ago.

See you next week kiddies!