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The Top Geekscape Episodes Of 2012!

Thursday 3rd January 2013 by Jonathan

As 2012 came to a close, so did the 6th year of recording the Geekscape podcast. And this week we launch a new version of the weekly Geekscape podcast with our friends at The Toadhop Network! I love recording every episode of Geekscape, and it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life for so many reasons.

But I also understand that there are hundreds of episodes… so where should you start if you just want to hear a few for catch up? I’m so glad you asked.

Here’s my list of my favorite Geekscape episodes of the past year:

#8 – Geekscape 241: Matt Mogk of the Zombie Research Society

Ideally, Geekscape has the opportunity from time to time to educate as much as it entertains… and this conversation was actually educational to the point of terrifying! Matt Mogk, who I’ve known for a few years, finally came on Geekscape to talk about the science and real world implications of zombies. Could they happen? And what would happen if they did? This episode will absolutely make you think twice about our obsession with the undead!

#7 – Geekscape 265: Marc Zicree! Step Aboard “Space Command”!

One of the greatest things about Geekscape, if not THE greatest, is the chance to make new friends with every episode. And Marc Zicree, who I met during this episode of Geekscape, has turned out to be a great one. In this episode, we talk about his new sci-fi transmedia project Space Command, as well as his long history working in Science Fiction television. It really was an inspiring conversation and one that has led to a solid friendship.

#6 – The Geekscape Podcast – “The Dark Knight Rises” Full Review and Breakdown!

You can’t do a list of the best Geekscape episodes without an appearance from Ian Kerner… and no episode this year got more feedback than Ian and I’s review and breakdown of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. This is Geekscape at its very best: taking a geek subject and ripping right through to the nitty gritty!

#5 – Geekscape 247: Joey Greco

For some reason, this one didn’t register with the audience as much as I thought it would. But I don’t know if I’d have done it differently or could have asked for a better guest. Joey Greco, the host of Cheaters, on Geekscape answering every single question I threw at him. What else do you savages want? I loved this episode and I KNOW I’m not the only one who watches Cheaters!

#4 – Geekscape 261: The Suburban Legends

I love the musical episodes of Geekscape. I love talking with bands about their music, finding out what makes them tick as geeks and the various things they are into. And I love few bands as much as I love my longtime friends in The Suburban Legends. It’s always fun hanging out with these guys and having them on Geekscape to play some songs and talk about Sci Fi TV was no exception!

#3 – Geekscape 258: Chris Hardwick

I give Chris Hardwick a lot of credit for this episode. I had an agenda going in to humanize Chris right off the bat by talking to him about some of the harder times in his life and he didn’t shy away from any topic of conversation. I know that some Geekscapists are still skeptical of the Nerdist himself, thinking that he’s insincere in his Geekdom or pandering to our audience, but this episode went a long way in convincing me that Chris is just another well meaning geek done well, and isn’t that what we all wish for each other?

#2 – Geekscape 260: TMNT Co-Creator Kevin Eastman

This one meant a lot to me. If you’d have told me at the age of 10 that I’d have the co-creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in my living room and would have a chance to talk to him for over an hour about the history of the Turtles I’d never have believed you. But it happened… and it was awesome. Thank you, Kevin, for making one of my childhood dreams come true and hanging out with me for a while!

#1 – Geekscape 251: Jamal Joseph – Author of ‘Panther Baby’

This is one of my favorite conversations in the six years of podcasting. Jamal is one of my longtime teachers and his book ‘Panther Baby’ was one of the most engaging books I’ve ever read. I loved sitting down with him to talk about his life in the Black Panthers and how it ultimately led to his life in film. If there’s an episode I’m proudest of, this might be it. Absolutely worth a listen.