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The Over League Podcast – Episode 2: Game On!

Thursday 14th December 2017 by Maridon

Thanks for joining us for episode 2 of The Over League! With Maridon and ToxicFatality as your hosts, we will break down our thoughts on the first week of games. We will then break down two select games in depth. Next, we will go over our picks for the preason and Maridon’s power rankings based on the preseason. Maridon also lists some standout stars. Following all of the Overwatch League information, we will dive into Overthoughts and it’s Toxic’s turn to play Who Dis?

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Article about the two Shanghai Dragons who were fined: https://dotesports.com/overwatch/news/shanghai-dragons-overwatch-league-account-sharing-19476


Half of The Over League Podcast duo. Avid gamer and lover of all things Overwatch.