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The Geekscape ‘Punisher’ Special With Ian Kerner!

Wednesday 29th November 2017 by Jonathan

Netflix’s ‘Punisher’ series finally arrived and it took no prisoners! I know that we’re a little late on this one but it doesn’t matter… because we don’t take prisoners either! Ian Kerner joins in to talk about Jon Bernthal’s take on the Punisher and how it stacks up against the competition. Nowhere is safe to hide as we ask all the questions! What does this mean for Daredevil, Luke Cage and the rest of the Netflix Marvel universe? Is this Microchip a better version than the comics? What about Ben Barnes and the rest of the cast? New characters, old characters… which pieces were adapted properly? And of course, what can you maybe expect in Punisher Season Two? There is a LOT to like in this series so listen in as we sift through the bodies and look for survivors!

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