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The DC Universe To Have A “Trinity War” in 2013

Tuesday 17th April 2012 by Eric Diaz

According to almost always reliable news source Bleeding Cool, next summer DC Comics is  ushering in an event known as “Trinity War,” which seemingly points to a big fight between Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, AKA “The Trinity” in DC lingo. It is also possible the series is about those three versus everyone else in the DCU, but I’d think having them fight each other would create a lot more publicity and sales drama. No creative team has been rumored yet, much less announced.

You ask me, this whole thing sounds like a pretty blatant rip off of Marvel’s Civil War and Avengers Vs. X-Men. Fanboys love to see their favorite heroes come to blows with each other, it is nothing new. DC’s who New 52 initiative seems to be a giant riff on Marvel’s approach as it is, and this is no exception.

The sad thing is, I’d be way more excited if this was the pre-New 52 Trinity doing the fighting. In the old DCU, those three had a ton of history between them; Superman and Batman couldn’t stand each other at first, only to years later become close allies. Wonder Woman has had major disagreements with both of the guys, especially when she chose to cross the line to kill, something Clark and Bruce would never do. For those three characters with their long history and friendship having to fight one another, now that could be for an interesting story. But in the new 52 universe, we have almost no idea what these character’s  relationships are to each other. They seem to be co workers who barely know one another, as much of their history has been erased (especially Superman and Wonder Woman’s) This might just be a big fight between corporate icons, and therefore a lot less interesting.