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Ten Reasons Almost Human Needs a Season 2 by S.J. Borger

Fox recently announced a slate of shows renewed (and cancelled) for next season. There were reasons for celebrations (Brooklyn 99, New Girl), reasons for sorrow (Raising Hope), and reasons to agonize as Fox’s silence over the fate of others left us waiting.

Almost Human deserves a second season. It’s done with its world-building, the characters are set, the twisty through-plot is just about to make sense (or pay-off, or be forgotten in favor of a new, better one, maybe?) and it’s ideally placed to have strong, fan-rific, possibly-the-best-show-(think-Fringe)-you-should-be-watching second season.

And we’re not the only ones, the website Save That Show shows a whopping 88% of people who take the poll support saving Almost Human (yes, we’re aware that the sample population of this poll is probably slanted. Yay statistics!)

Karl Urban as Det. Kennex and Michael Ealy as Dorian in Fox's Almost Human.

Karl Urban as Det. Kennex and Michael Ealy as Dorian in Fox’s Almost Human.

So without further ado, here are our Top Ten Reasons to Renew Almost Human:

1.Firefly. That’s right, we said it. Fox Executives still owe us for cancelling Firefly, and we are calling in that debtbecause we are not afraid to play that card, and we will probably play it again. It is the television equivalent of that thing you said that one time to your brother that comes up every Thanksgiving, Christmas and occasional birthdays.

2. It’s a good show. It’s a really, really, really good show. It’s not the most innovative when it comes to plots (it’s still a procedural cop show) but the world is interesting, the characters are invested and it’s just getting better. It got second place in’s Best of 2013, and was in the top 5 Best Sci-Fi/Superhero Series 2013.

3. The wall! What’s behind the wall? Who lives out there? Why is there a wall?? The series jumped up a notch when it introduced that particular element and it needs to be explained!

4.The show combines elements of Asimov’s robotics, fringe science, and a tech-noir grit with laugh-out-loud humor. Its nods to the films, books and other works that went before it—and where Almost Human clearly draws inspiration from—are subtle and usually done with tongue-placed-firmly-in-cheek.

Almost Human promo picture. Courtesy of Fox.

Almost Human promo picture. Courtesy of Fox.

5. Ealy and Urban—who play mismatched partners Dorian and Kennex—have an undeniable chemistry and their on-screen friendship and banter contributes a great deal to what makes the show so good. Also, we would watch Dorian and Kennex banter in the car anywhere. It should be a web series. Traveling in Cars with Kennex…

6.It’s good sci-fi. It’s smart sci-fi. It offers an intriguing look at our future, with a mixture of both cynicism and hope in terms of where humanity might find itself. And good, smart sci-fi—where the science isn’t just ’magic’—is hard to find. Especially on network TV.

7.While the two leads are men, the show’s two supporting roles, Captain Maldonado and Detective Valerie Stahl (played by Lili Tayler and Minka Kelly, respectively) are strong, effective, commanding women. And those are even rarer on network TV than good sci-fi.

8.Almost every great show had a rough first season. Especially world-building shows, where so much has to be built up before the series can really take off.  Almost Human’s first season wasn’t that rough (ok, ok, the through-plot with the Syndicate-whatever wasn’t great…) and it is poised to really have a phenomenal second (and more!) season.

9. Firefly. Yup, twice in one list.

10. It consistently got better with every episode, and a second season would probably continue the trend, if the final six episodes are any indication. AND Season One finished up with any number of exciting plot points and new characters just waiting for more exploration.

Capt. Maldonado (Lili Taylor) talks to her officers via super smart speaker phone. Courtesy of Fox.

Capt. Maldonado (Lili Taylor) talks to her officers via super smart speaker phone. Courtesy of Fox.

‘Ok, ok,’ you’re saying. ‘You had us at Firefly. But what can we do?’

Amazingly enough, letter writing campaigns work. You can write directly to Mr. Kevin Reilly, FOX Broadcasting Co, 10201 W. Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035. Or, go to Fox and watch it.  You can follow the fan campaign here, or sign this petition here.

Also a ‘save Almost Human’ google search can point you in other directions.

You can catch up with Almost Human at

What do you guys think? Should we save this show?


S.J. Borger

SJB lives in Southern California, though she can't remember deciding to move there from San Francisco. She got a degree in theatre and enjoyed the student loan debt so much she went for a Masters in Film and Television. Per Los Angeles County regulations, she declared herself a screenwriter upon arrival and is often seen typing away in her local Starbucks in order to maintain the persona. She plays a healer on World of Warcraft and therefore will never be allowed to stop playing. You can follow her on Twitter @sjbwrite!

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  • Tim

    Disagree with your take on the female characters. They are glorified narrators. Lili in particular. Just popping onscreen to recapitulate or state the obvious. Never in history, and never in the future, will any police agency sound like this one sounds. Perhaps there are hints that their characters will be used in a more extensive capacity later, but so far…a waste.

    Seriously, though. We’d watch Karl Urban lick stamps. So we need more of this show.

  • Robert Colontonio

    i felt it was a lot like i robot only better. also,Fox needs to get rid of their crappy reality shows and make room for good tv. PS,all reality tv is crap.

  • DJRickyV

    If only to answer the plotline for the ex-girlfriend. Don’t leave us hanging!

  • Susan Peter-Thompson

    The part that absolutely galls me is that Fox claimed the ratings weren’t high enough to justify renewal, yet they renewed inferior shows with inferior ratings. Glee has clearly run out of steam, and The Following is definitely approaching that point… and don’t get me started on their “comedies”. The real problem is that Fox seems to be allergic to smart programming, expecially if it is science fiction. They would rather inflict garbage like “I Wanna Marry Harry” on the public than intelligent, well-written shows with interesting characters with promising internal mythologies.

  • Marilyn Hay

    Should we save Almost Human? God, YES! I would pay money to see a second season. I would do just about anything. This is one of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time and Dorian is the most amazing character; certainly the best android since Data. No one compares the show to the original (or later) Star Trek’s but AH addresses current social issues in a future environment (a kind of cautionary tale) in a way that is honest, deft and compassionate — not to mention thought provoking (and that show launched spinoffs and movies that are still going fifty years later). The acting, production quality, special effects, etc etc etc have all been nominated for awards. As you say, most great shows have a rocking first season because they have depth: 13 eps barely even scratches the surface. This show could go for years, gathering and keeping fans along the way, which is a money maker for whatever network picks it up.

    And, yes … Firefly. Cannot understand why FOX renews shows everyone knows are on their last legs but fails to renew shows that would make them money for years to come. Mind boggling.

  • 21149315

    A more active petition is one by Megan Riffey. See Change(dot)org “Save Almost Human”

    The way this show was treated was simply terrible, and after it continued to preform well even with FOX trying to kill it during sweeps. Even though I am hoping for a reconsideration, it is difficult to trust FOX anymore after this, this was clearly a bad call on every count.

  • Save Almost Human

    This show could still continue if we can get another network to pick it up. websites like are trying to make that happen


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