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Teabag Prevention: How to Suck Less at Halo Week #2 – THE SNIPER RIFLE

Wednesday 23rd April 2008 by jake108

Since the dawn of the new millennium, the First Person Shooter has generally had a weapon called the Sniper Rifle. This weapon has strong ties with the catch phrase “one shot, one kill.” Not for you? Then, unfortunately, you’re the one dying, you’re the hearing the boasting of the enemy, and you’re the one who seeks vengeance. Many have mastered the sniper rifle, but most have not come even close. These people are called “target practice”. This breed of inferior human beings who haven’t mastered the sniper rifle often camp out with it – like a real life sniper would. But this ain’t real life, THIS IS TEABAG PREVENTION WEEK #2!


The sniper rifle has evolved from the last two Halo games with only some minor tweaks – nothing too serious. So if you’re familiar with both previous games, you shouldn’t have had a problem picking one up at the beginning of your Halo 3 career. That is, of course, if you were good at it in both previous games. If not, you’re one of the reasons why Teabag prevention exists.

Long Range Tips


It’s always important to adjust your sensitivity. For some, its important for it to be as low as possible, others may want it higher up. It depends on the player. If you find yourself spending 4-8 rounds of a sniper rifle on one player, you may want to lower your sensitivity. If you find that you frequently tend to shoot behind an opponent in your games, then you may want to heighten your sensitivity. Try every level of sensitivity if you have to.

Here are the Pro’s to changing your sensitivity:

a) Some of the best players do this.

b) It’ll be easier for you overall.

c) You’ll have less anger toward yourself (regarding Halo).


To adjust your sesitivity, simply:

-Press start while in the pre-game lobby

-Switch over to “Settings”

-Highlight “Game Controls” and press “A”

-Scroll down to “Look Sensitivity”.

-Then make your adjustments. 10 being the highest responsive setting and 1 being the lowest responsive setting. Lower usually means easier accuracy, but it will mean slower reaction. Gauge your priorities and come to a happy medium. Happy adjusting!

Mid Range Tips

TIP #2: “ZOMFG! DiD aNyonez C dat?!?!”

It’s when you’re running, R trigger held down, screaming your battle cry, hoping you’ll get him or her with your Assault Rifle, then…you’re dead. As your body falls, you hear the sniper yell, “WOOOOO No-Scope!!!!!”
Those who use the Sniper Rifle more than the average player are usually relying heavily on no-scopes. They can be difficult to achieve. A lot of the time, these “no-scopes” are pure luck – but a certain type of luck we like to call Planned Luck. You gauge your chances and you take the shot even though someone is unloading an entire clip into you. Planned Luck. It’s like counting cards while gambling, the better you are at it, the less luck is involved and the more skill comes into play. There are tricks to No-Scoping, and with practice, it should become as easy as your sister.


· First things first: level the crosshair with the enemy’s head by moving the right stick up and down.


· Wait for the enemy to come into sights.

· When that happens, if you didn’t have time to shoot, or if you missed, move the left stick slightly to the left or right to strafe. Strafing will make it easier to keep your sights level and to hit your target without disorienting yourself.

· The trick here is leveling your crosshair with their head and having an easy and reliable point from which to execute your shots. While aiming at an opponent’s head from medium or long range, it is not recommended for beginners to use both sticks at the same time, as it will just frustrate the beginner and he will miss and die. In real life.
· If you NEED to try both (strafing AND using the right stick to aim), then the best idea is to learn to do both separately – preferably while not moving, at first. You may then work your way up to using both. Then you may use both during combat and you’ll be nigh unstoppable.

Close Range Escape Plans and Tips


Sometimes when you’re sniping, the enemy will bring the battle to you – kind of like when you’re staring at a Persian guy’s hot Persian girlfriend at a bar. In both of these situations, you need to bail out right away.

If you are playing a team slayer match, you may have one of your teammates give you a ride in a Mongoose. Should you get on this Mongoose AND use that rifle? Of course! The first step is to use the no-scoping skills that we granted you earlier in the article. With this in mind:

· If you miss their head on the first try, no problem. Remember that two body shots with the sniper rifle equal a kill. A headshot is preferred, but not necessary.

· Don’t get over-excited either. You want to focus and make sure you get that perfect shot. The patience and the focus are worth it.


Say you’re camping with a sniper rifle and you start to get shot from behind (<—the joke here was way too easy to take). You don’t have enough time to switch to your secondary weapon (if you have one) so what do you do? You do the following:

Keep your cool. Try to go for two body shots, or one body shot then melee, and if you’re feeling lucky, try aiming for their head. Your choice.

No-Scoping from up close is risky, and takes a lot of practice.

There’s also a posiblity that this enemy might jump around a little. Pay close attention to your motion tracker if this happens and you’ll find your enemy (below).



If you are a beginniner with the Sniper Rifle, never use it at close range when you know you have an easier way of killing your enemy. If it comes to the time when you know it’s too late to switch weapons and you’re stuck with just your sniper rifle, refer to the Close-Range No-Scoping tips above. If you are out of ammo on your Sniper Rifle, and cannot switch weapons, use your grenades and try to get to safety long enough to switch weapons.

Example: On this screen below, if this person were out of ammo, they best idea would be to try and stick the opponent while running away or use a power drainer while jumping back and throwing a grenades.

Well, now that you are well-versed in the Sniper Rifle, make sure you get out there and practice before you try the closer no-scopes. Get confident with the weapon before you use it. Remember, even though it is the hardest weapon to excel with, it is arguably the most powerful one in the game.


If you maggots have any comments, suggestions, or further questions on the advice given on this week’s Teabag Prevention, please email TeabagPrevention@gmail.com

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Jacob Lopez has been writing for Geekscape since April, 2008. He is also a graduate of USC's School of Cinematic Arts program. When he's not writing, he's probably watching LOST or playing video games. XBL Gamertag: jake108