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Teabag Prevention: How to Play Well WITHOUT Others!

Friday 16th July 2010 by jake108

First thing’s first: Any long-time fans reading know that I was at Comic-Con last year with updates from the event itself. This year will be no different. Expect to have updates on video games, movies, and everything else I happen to run into on the showfloor.

One thing I WILL be covering is Reach. If I have the chance to ask any questions to anyone Reach related, I will. If YOU have any questions for me to ask, feel free to post below. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get updated. (See my bottom (of my article) for Facebook and Twitter links.)

Now, on with the article. Since this week’s Double EXP Playlist is Mythic Brawl, we’ve devised a quick list to refresh your memory on how to win while flying solo, like you’re used to.





‘Nade placement is a HUGE skill to develop. Once you get his down, you’ll soon find out how easier killing your enemies will be. What do I mean by this? Observe:



Your skill building begins by throwing a grenade at a destination your opponent is heading towards, not where he is. In this case, my enemy is running toward me. By throwing the grenade between us, it damages him enough to leave him vulnerable to a single shot.




Don’t forget you can also “clean up” battling enemies like a jerk, but hey, that’s why we’re alone isn’t it? It’s okay to cry.




You don’t have to be an avid Halo player to know that campers are common in any Free for All match. A camper’s usual mode of strategy involves hiding somewhere hidden with a power weapon. This example can’t get any better than this:


Keep your eyes peeled. There’s a rockets-a-transpirins. Also, if you never do this, you’re awesome. If you do, JUMP for God’s sake, JUMP. These people are expecting you and your motion sensor invisibility doesn’t work when people are rushing towards with shooting an assault rifle.



TIP #3 – Brutey Two Shot

Believe it or not, a Brute shot is a great weapon to have. If you run across a Brute Shot, it’s better to have it over an Assault Rifle, and depending on your playstyle, Plasma Rifles too. You see, all it takes are a couple of Brute Shot shots and a melee to get a kill. If you want to stay your distance, just fire away at your target, but ALWAYS from a distance. A lot of people make the mistake of using this at close distance, but THIS IS NOT A SHORT DISTANCE WEAPON, but the perfect mid range weapon for someone like this red guy over here. At least I think he’s red… must be the blood.



As long as you land your shots, you won’t have to reload. Much like the grenades, you have to shoot a little bit ahead with this one, so get good at that strategy and learning where people will go and you’re gravy. Delicious, delicious gravy.


TIP# 4 – Power-ups and Power Weapons

By now, you should know all about power weapons and power-ups. These go hand in hand with winning, if you know how to use them. In a setting where everyone is trying to kill each other, it’s better lure bait into traps, attack from a distance, or straight up hitting them in the face.




Mid-range attacks don’t bode well due the fact that ANYONE can pick off your kill. If you are engaging in mid-range attacks, it’s better to stick with the one weapon that has the highest chance at killing someone:



The Rocket Launcher.


So remember, boys ‘n girls, in an FFA match, everyone and everything is your enemy. Don’t fall prey to environmental hazards, traps, or get caught in the cross-fire. Keep your cool when your kills get picked off, and don’t rely on anything but yourself and your weapon of choice. Lock and load, get to know the fact that you’re going to become an opportunist, and NEVER STOP MOVING. Keep your ears peeled and for the love of God use your motion sensor. It’s really your best (and only) friend in a FFA.


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