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Teabag Prevention #22 – Gravity Hammer and Sword

Friday 26th September 2008 by jake108


The Gravity Hammer DOES have lunge capabilities. This, however, only occurs when your crosshair is red.

When it comes to the Hammer, camping around a corner or when you have no time to swap to a different weapon are the proper times to use it. It may not seem ideal like a Sword might, but keep this in mind: Swords don’t make people fly over the edge of maps…usually.

In fact, knocking someone into the air with the Hammer usually surprises both people. In order to knock people off the map, or away from you, with the shockwave made from your hammer alone, having your opponent in the red cross hairs is not necessary. Just knock them away from you and throw a grenade or two and they are history…or toast. 



After you’ve mastered killing humans with hammers, turn yourself in to the police. After you’ve mastered killing Spartans and Elites with a Gravity Hammer in Halo 3, start branching out. Hammers are the best short-range weapon available in the game that will not hurt you when you use them, but kill the shit out of vehicles. It’s incredibly useful against vehicles. 

Hitting one directly kills the driver of the vehicle or will send the vehicle and the driver flying away, Mongeese (that’s a word now, deal with it) especially. Don’t be afraid of using the Hammer to bash away rockets and grenades either. The Hammer is your friend. Now, stop killing real people. 

NOTE: Hitting the vehicles on the SIDE causes the most damage.



Two basic buttons you need to know while wielding the Sword are the R trigger and the B button. The R trigger is for lunging. Use this ONLY when the opponent is either alone, more than three feet away, doesn’t have a Sword/Hammer, or all of the above. The reason for this is simple, you do any of those things I just mentioned and you die…well you increase your chances of dying.

When you see someone and they are as vulnerable as previously described, you should lunge at them using your RT trigger. Lunge at them with all your might.

NOTE: If playing a game of Swords, or if you think your opponent can out-slice you in close range, a good thing to do is to jump and dice them from the top. Keep in mind this can give them the advantage if you jump toward them, but just make sure to swing as soon as you can. This takes some Intermediate level maneuvering, but can be done and disorients your opponent slightly, because as you make your movements more unpredictable, they are less likely to shoot or swing at you and actually land a hit.  



Now, if you had the time to run that little checklist through your head, and you’re not sure sure with the go-ahead, resort to the B button. By using this technique, you’re able to swing at a faster rate. This is especially handy in a Sword fight in that you will kill everyone. Now a surprise lunger might swoop in and kill you, but for the fight at hand, using your B button to hit your opponent with a sword will give you the advantage of swinging faster than they are (if they are using the RT trigger).

Try to circle around them while tapping B and just hack away.

Just hack away until your problems disappear, just hack away until your problems disappear, just hack away until your problems disappear, just hack away until your problems disappear, just hack awa-…oh. Hi. Moving on…



Do NOT charge with a sword or a hammer from medium of long distance. If they are not close enough to kill by your crosshairs turning red and you lunging at their asses, do not charge at them. They have guns. Guns are a long range weapon. Guns will also kill you. This is a horrible decision. Every time you charge someone from medium to long range with a sword or a hammer, you have made a decision worthy of the Darwin Award. If you live, you are basically one of those guys who climbs buildings and uses his freak-occurence survival as “empirical proof” that was he does is “safe”. Never charge at someone with a sword or a hammer. There is no advantage, even if you throw grenades. No advantage. Don’t do it. Ever. Seriously. Stop it.

Things to Remember:

  • Gravity Hammer has the ability to damage people through walls
  • The sides of vechicles are most vunerable
  • Keep moving
  • Use B when in doubt
  • Don’t lunge until that crosshair is red
  • What did we say about charging with a sword or a hammer?


This week’s Teabag Prevention article was written by:

 – jake108

This week’s Teabag Prevention article was edited by:

– Jonathan London (because Gilmore was out last night macking)

– Gilmore ate tacos last night

– That’s what I meant: “Macking on tacos.” They were delicious. -Editor and Taco Macker

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Jacob Lopez has been writing for Geekscape since April, 2008. He is also a graduate of USC's School of Cinematic Arts program. When he's not writing, he's probably watching LOST or playing video games. XBL Gamertag: jake108