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Teabag Prevention #20 – Construct

Friday 12th September 2008 by jake108


Sniper Rifle – You know…

Spartan Laser – Good for hallways.

The Missle Pod – This weapon is included mainly because of its one-shot kill. Though there are no vehicles in this map, camp with the missle pod in an open spot and you know that people are bound to come across.

Sword – Short-ranged combat – do. not. rush. with. a. sword.


A good place to stay while in the lead would be the open side of the map. For those of you who don’t know what open side is, it’s the side with the ramp that leads down to the second floor.

The reason why this is a good place to be is mainly because of the space you control. The spaces here are commonly used by most players. You are bound to run into someone to kill. You have the yellow lift, Sniper spawn, and the top of the purple lifts (two on each symmetrical side) leading to the open side.



As mentioned in Tip 2, the yellow lift can be easily controlled. It is imparative that you understand that you cannot use that yellow lift, or any lift, unless you are absolutely sure that no one is waiting for you.

Throwing a Power Drainer or Grenades is usless because then you’re just setting yourself up to get your kill stolen. Throwing grenades never really works. Maybe once in every few dozen times, and that is IF there are enough people there for your chances of a kill to increase. Take the scenic route up these lifts – use the ramps – because if you can control them, you can control the game. This lift is most easily controlled by standing in the hallways with a Battle Rifle and doing the good ‘ol one grenade and headshot combo.  Do this until someone foils your evil (and very often used) plan. Yellow lift is king. Control that one and control the game, but watch your back. Watch your effing back, son. 



Your chances of winning the next match on Construct are greatly improved if you take good aim with the Battle Rifle. Many of the battles on this map are usually fought in the medium-range catagory.

If you’re not familiar with the weapon at all, read back. Equip this weapon in this map at all times. It is your best friend here. Get to know it, buy it dinner, but don’t step over the line. You raunchy bastard. 


Other than the sword, Maulers are what you want if you’re going to take the battle up close. If you’re not familiar with it, see our Mauler article. Do not use this in mid range fights, but if you are going to choose any short range weapon on this map – this is your guy. 

The Mauler sure beats the Assault Rifle out, but when you encounter someone with the Mauler, just stay as far away as you can while spraying bullets. Give ’em the ol spray and pray. 

The Sword does not have its own article simply because its basic use of the B button and R trigger. When you’re charging someone and they start nading you, crouch jump.


Not only will you survive the explosion, but you’ll catch the opponent off guard. You’ll also get pushed into lunging range. Which means you get to slice and dice. 

NOTE: To crouch jump, jump then continously crouch while in the air (for a default controller that should mean you are pressing down your left joystick). Doing this gives you an extra boost of air, explosion or not.

Things to Remember:

  • Learn the Crouch Jump.
  • Keep a BR handy for medium-ranged fights.
  • Maulers are for close range.
  • Open-side is the important side.
  • Yellow Lift is king of the lifts. 



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