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Teabag Prevention #14 – The Pit: Team Games

Friday 1st August 2008 by jake108

Team Slayer Series #1

The Pit is usually favored and used for Team Slayer and Capture the Flag games. MLG fanatics adore this map. It’s been accepted fairly well into Halo’s community. It rarely gets vetoed, and players tend to play games on it more than other maps. I won my fair shares of matches and I’m here to share my secrets on how to succeed on the pit during a Team Game. This is assuming you’re going for MVP in every game, cause if you’re not. Get the hell out.





Every player on the team should have a primary objective in the beginning of the game. This means that instead of wandering around aimlessly at the beginning of a match, you start out with a purpose. Objectives are key to obtain success. Here are four objectives you should complete while starting a match in The Pit.

People should start out getting one of the following four weapons or equipment with which to really hand some ass over. What decides who gets what is who is closest to which spawn. Team management is important here, so if everyone has a different job, all is well. Team work is paramount. Four Objectives (for four respective players):





Active Camo


and lastly the Sniper Rifle.




During Team matches, one player should head to the oversheild while the player who picks up the sniper rifle covers him.


During Slayer, the oversheid respawns every 3 minutes; so you might want to keep your eye on that timer for when you can get it again. This piece of equipment is very important in this map, as it caters very well to snipers picking you off from afar. Be wary of those who might try the same thing. Especially if the other person has a sniper rifle. When it comes down to it, he who carries the Sniper Rifle should be the victor of that long range battle.




After assisting the player who went for overshield, the sniper should immediately head to the sword room. You can pick the Sword up as a secondary close range weapon to repel the sneaky bastards that try to attack you from the rear.


The snipers’ prime objective should be getting rid of the opposites team sniper and, if possible, recover their ammo.

If your teammates are watching your ass, you should now be able to control their sniper tower.


The third player should head for the Rockets. You should start out by picking up the battle rifle next to your spawn as you advance,


tossing your frag grenades along the wall to injure the enemies opposite of your position picking up the kills with your Battle rifle as you claim your prize. Rockets respawn every 3 minutes. Keep your eye on that clock.



The last player on the team, the ninja, should go get the active camo. To get the early start, you can jump from flat to your green box,

throwing grenades into the camo spawn to insure your safety as you now merge with the walls. You should also try to push through and pick up the kills that player 3 has assisted with if not you are already done getting your ninja on.

These Beginning Objectives are a starting point for your matches, and if executed correctly can give your team the upper hand for the rest of the game. Good luck out there, and remember, unlike when you’re in Lone Wolves (and in life) – during Team Matches, you are not alone.


Things to Remember:

  • Active camo respawns every 3 minutes.
  • Sniper respawns every 2:04 minutes.
  • Rockets respawn every 3 minutes.
  • Above all, Teamwork is king. Without it, you won’t have a team, you’ll have three liabilities and a lone wolf.


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Jacob Lopez has been writing for Geekscape since April, 2008. He is also a graduate of USC's School of Cinematic Arts program. When he's not writing, he's probably watching LOST or playing video games. XBL Gamertag: jake108