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Step Into The Next Generation Of Dueling With Our Yu-Gi-Oh ‘Code Of The Duelist’ Unwrapping

Friday 4th August 2017 by Josh Jackson

Yu-Gi-Oh: Code of the Duelist is finally upon us, and with it, a new generation of the long running card game makes its official arrival.

As mentioned in our Link Strike starter deck overview, the game is changing in huge ways. With new limitations on the Extra Deck, an increased focus on field positioning, and extra support for older cards to help them keep up with the new format, even veteran duelists are going to have to approach the game in a new way.

In addition to the introduction of Link Monsters like Gouki the Great Ogre, who uses the opponent’s Defense Points against them, and Missus Radiant, who supports Earth monsters while pulling them out of the grave, Pendulum, Xyz, Ritual and Synchro monsters all return in the latest expansion. While many old strategies are taking a backseat, that’s not to say some popular archtypes won’t be pulled along for the ride.

Check out our unwrapping video below and see some of these cards yourselves. What cards are you hoping to pull from your sets, and how do you feel about the new format? Be heard in the comment section below!