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‘Splatoon 2’:Get Your Game On At The Shoal!

Thursday 6th July 2017 by The_acz

During this mornings Splatoon 2 direct, Nintendo introduced a brand new area for local battles, The Shoal.

Here, you can host or join other local game modes either wirelessly or via LAN. This includes modes that may only be available at certain times like Salmon Run, and more! You’ll also be able to choose any stage you want without having to worry about that pesky rotation. Not only that, but there is also an arcade game stationed outside of the area that will allow you to play Squid Beats 2, A DDR inspired game. It’s nice to see that this is probably taking the place of that ghastly local 2 player mode that was in the original Splatoon, even if there is now way to play local multiplayer on one Switch. Are you excited for this new addition to the game? Tell us in the comments below!