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SplatNet 2 & Nintendo Switch Online App Are Launching On July 21st For ‘Splatoon 2’!

Thursday 6th July 2017 by The_acz

Here we go. The day we’re all excited and scared for has finally come. During this morning’s Splatoon 2 direct, Nintendo announced that a very limited version of the Nintendo Switch Online app will be available to download the day the game comes out. This app will allow you to access an in-app app called SplatNet 2. This is a sequel to a very basic website created for the original Splatoon, but includes so much more: not only can you check stage rotation, but now you can also check previous turf wars, see team gear, and even order some if you so desire.

The app will also include the much anticipated and dreaded voice chat! While it still doesn’t seem all that convenient (quite the opposite in fact.), it could still pleasantly surprise us. Are you planning on using voice chat? Tell us in the comments below!