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Sony Pictures to Develop Film Based on Valiant Comics’ Bloodshot!

Thursday 1st March 2012 by Steven Kunz

Sony Pictures has closed a deal to acquire the film rights to the Valiant Comics series, Bloodshot, a 1992 comic book series that continues to be one of the revamped publisher’s strongest properties.

The story is about a killer for the mafia who is framed for a murder he didn’t commit, thanks to his mob family betraying him.  When he goes into Witness protection, he is immediately kidnapped and his body goes through the experimental procedure, “Project Rising Spirit.” His body is injected with nanomachinery, also refered to as ‘nanites’, that gives him superhuman abilities at the cost of his memories. He eventually escapes his captors and goes on a journey to rediscover the person he once was.

The script is being written by Jeff Wadlow, whose previous credits include the drama/horror movie, Cry-Wolf, and the screenplay for the horror thriller, Prey. Reportedly, the deal came out of Wadlow’s love for the comic and agreed to write the script on spec, and when Sony saw the script, they bought the rights. The film is also being produced by Neal Moritz, producer of The Green Hornet and the Fast & Furious series.

The idea is to develop the property as something that X-Men First Class director Matthew Vaughn can direct. Hopefully, the movie doesn’t come in a foil edition.

Source: http://www.deadline.com/2012/03/sony-pictures-taps-valiant-comics-character-bloodshot-for-live-action-feature/