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Seven Of Wine – Episode 016: ‘Tuvix’ / “You Just Made Me Imagine a Tuvix Dick”

Wednesday 31st January 2018 by Seven of Wine
It’s the episode of Star Trek: Voyager that’s so disturbing, so unappetizing, so unsettling… that you’ll feel the whack factor down at the molecular level. When our resident Vulcan and our friendly neighborhood Talaxian get fused into a new hybrid being, heebies get fused with jeebies as… it… starts to make serious moves on Kes.


Will Captain Janeway welcome this new being to the crew, or do the right thing and kill it with fire? Jacqueline Lopez and Jennifer Zhang discuss the effects of this abomination aboard the ship while drinking an abomination of a wine. Seriously, listen in as everyone suffers.


Two to beam out! And maybe one email from you to beam in?: engage@sevenofwine.com

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