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Seven of Wine – Episode 002: ‘Blood Fever’ / “Let It Happen”

Tuesday 14th February 2017 by Seven of Wine

This Valentine’s Day, listen to Jacqueline Lopez and Jennifer Zhang being really, really immature about “pon farr” — the irrepressible Vulcan mating impulse — as they review what is arguably the sexiest episode of Star Trek: Voyager ever… “Blood Fever.”

Witness what Jacqui describes as “the unraveling of Jennifer Zhang.” Things get hot and heavy as your two hosts discuss violent Klingon foreplay, B’elanna Torres’s heaving bosom, and Tom Paris literally being commanded to administer sexual healing. If Star Trek has never made your heart race at warp 9, prepare to have that change.

And when it’s all over, tell us if it was good for you too: engage@sevenofwine.com

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