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Seth Rollins Celebrates Being The ‘WWE 2K18’ Cover Athlete By Destroying Stuff For Some Reason

Monday 19th June 2017 by Josh Jackson

This morning, 2K announced that The Kingslayer himself, Seth Rollins, will be the cover athlete for WWE 2K18. As the first full time performer to grace the cover in three years, Rollins joins the likes of John Cena, CM Punk, The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin as the featured star for the annual wrestling simulation game.

Seth is appropriate pick considering how the rising star had the biggest win of his career earlier this year when he defeated Triple H with one leg at this year’s Wrestlemania. Following the slogan “Be Like No One”, the former Architect of The Shield takes things a little too far, deciding to destroy some legendary memorabilia. Because that’s what you do when you make the cover of a video game.

Eagle eyed wrestling fans can spot plenty of easter eggs as they get smashed to pieces by the masked Rollins. From Ric Flair’s robe to The Undertaker’s gear that he left behind at his retirement, nothing is sacred when you want to sell a game. But why did you have to smash Brutus Beefcake’s scissors? It’s not like he has much of his glory days to hold onto lately. There wasn’t a barber shop window that Seth could have fled through instead?

While we don’t get to see any game play, we do know when and how we’ll be playing it. Releasing on PS4 and Xbox One on October 17, the game will be released with three different versions. The Standard Edition, the Deluxe Edition, which will give players four days of early access, and the Collector’s Edition, which will include everything the Deluxe Edition contains, plus physical rewards that will be revealed at a later date. Past versions had some pretty great stuff, so fans might want to jump on the preorder button once the announcement is made.

Watch the trailer below and tell us what other artifacts of wrestling’s past you can spot. Are you planning on picking up this year’s iteration? And what do you think of Rollins on the cover? Let us know in the comments!