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‘Sea Of Thieves’ Closed Beta Sails Towards January 24th!!

Friday 12th January 2018 by The_acz

Right off of the heels of their recent progression video and release date, Rare’s Sea of Thieves will finally be sailing the rocky waters of the closed beta in anticipation for the games’ March 20th release date.

Players who enrolled in the Technical Alpha program before its closure back in December have been guaranteed a spot in the games’ closed beta, and so have customers who have pre-purchased the game on the Xbox or Windows store. The best part is that players of the beta have free reign for streaming the game! That’s right, no more NDA’s. Rare wants you to share your best pirate moments with the world now.

With March slowly looming over the horizon, Microsft and many people are hoping for Sea of Thieves to be a breakout hit for Microsoft, as they’ve sadly been lacking major 1st party titles in comparison to Sony’s monster PS4 line-up that’s been growing rapidly for the past 2 years. Here’s hoping Rare delivers an open world experience that no one will soon forget.