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SDCC 2017: Quantum Mechanix’s Figures Are Cinematic Perfection

Monday 31st July 2017 by Natalie Kipper

Quantum Mechanix is known for their intricate figures and detailed prop replicas. Their booth at San Diego Comic-Con was a glorious gallery of new and upcoming products. They also had a store in the back, where attendees could get their hands on merchandise (some of which, for the very first time).

This year’s con marked the debut of their Wonder Woman Q-Fig Max. The figure is super-detailed with a bunch of different pieces (don’t worry –  it comes pre-assembled). I loved that both Wonder Woman and her mount share the same determination in their eyes.

Q-Fig’s tendency to have a whimsical side. The Batman and Superman Friendship Q-Fig is a perfect example of that. The contrast in expressions between the two heroes is hilarious and I could not help but smile when I saw it.

There were also prototype Q-Fig’s from the world of Harry Potter on display. The Harry and Hagrid: Race for Hogwarts Q-Fig Max will be the most complex in the series to date.

The Harry Potter on the Broom Q-Fig was also impressive. Harry’s entire body as well as his broom balance on that translucent blue swirl of “wind.”

Here was a figure I never thought I would see: a Good Feathers Q-Fig. This was also a prototype.

Quantum Mechanix is also known from their plush Q-Pals line. The majority of the ones on display were prototypes, with the exception of Supernatural‘s Sam Winchester, Castiel, and Dean Winchester.

And I absolutely adore this plush Niffler from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Funny story about this little guy: Quantum Mechanix hadn’t planned on selling it at SDCC but they received a small shipment early. Initially, they were just going to have a prototype on display. Needless to say, this adorable beast sold out before Day Three (which is when I got there). The good news is fans like myself can sign up on their site to be notified when the plush comes in-stock.

There was plenty of Firefly merchandise to be found. I could not get over how much thought and detail was in every figure. Everyone’s clothes are made of real fabric. That trait is standard for the 1:6 articulated figures but it was especially impressive in this set because of the intricacy of their outfits.

While the majority of the 1:6 scale articulated figures were based to Firefly or Star Trek but there were a few outliers. One that excited me in particular was Westley from The Princess Bride. He comes with both his masked face when he is the Dread Pirates Roberts as well as his traditional Westley face (“As you wish!”).

Star Trek saw plenty of representation at Quantum Mechanix’s booth, from prop weapons and badges to Tribble plushes to the already-mentioned 1:6 articulated figures. What I was most impressed from this series was the Captain’s Chair. It was to scale with the articulated figures and – here is the coolest part –  the buttons work! They make sounds and light-up when pressed.

The booth was also home to a 1:72 scale miniature of Star Lord’s ship, the Milano, from Guardians of the Galaxy. Once again, detail was king. For example, you could look inside the cockpit and see the seats and the control panel.

I had a blast looking at all the goods that we can expect in the future from Quantum Mechanix. You can check out more of the products on their site.