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SDCC 2017: Playing Games With Catnip Bravo At Symbiote Studios

Tuesday 1st August 2017 by Natalie Kipper

Being a plush lover, visiting Symbiote Studios‘ booth was high on my list of priorities for this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. The company had four con-exclusive plushes (amongst other goodies) and I wanted to make sure to snag some of them.

Symbiote Studios’ mascot, Catnip Bravo, got a makeover this year and dang, does he look adorable! As part of their “Catnip Cuties” line, they introduced two exclusive plushes: a Smile version and a Frown version. These 12-inch tall plushes are super-duper soft, with embroidered paw prints and removeable masks (that reveal his teeny-little eyes). Each plush version was limited to 400 pieces.

There were other Catnip Bravo goodies to be had at the booth, like the mousepad that has the feline mascot drawn in the style of the characters from Move or Die. Another notable addition were Catnip Bravo keychains that actually weren’t for sale but could be won from a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors against a Catnip Bravo costumed character, which appeared at a certain time each day.

Catnip Bravo fans could also find apparel that featured the kitty, one in white and another in black. The shirts were limited to 100 pieces of each size in each variation.

One thing you might not know about Symbiote Studios is that the partner up with other companies to make merchandise for their characters. They had previously made two open edition, 15-inch plushes from Rivals of Aether: Orcane (seen on the right in the picture above) and Etalus. For SDCC, they created a special Golden Etalus (seen on the left in the picture above), limited to 100 pieces. Like the other Rivals of Aether plushes, Golden Etalus came with a themed DLC for the game (you still need to purchase the game, which is available for Steam and Xbox One).

The last of the plushes was 12-inch Peely from the Steam game, Move or Die. Unlike the Rivals of Aether ones whose included code were for skin DLC, Peely’s granted you the full Move or Die game. This plush was limited to 400 pieces.

Also on display at their booth was limited edition Rhino Collector’s Statue from Warhammer. This item is actually for sale through Warframe’s online store. It comes with three in-game items, which you can read about here.

You can snag some of the remaining con-exclusives (while supplies last, of course) over at Symbiote Studios’ online store.