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SDCC 2016: ‘Supergirl’ Panel Recap!

Thursday 28th July 2016 by jake108

After making the jump to the CW, Supergirl aims to one-up its first season and dazzle new and existing viewers with their second season. Supergirl will be airing on Monday’s, which will be followed by The Flash on Tuesdays, Arrow on Wednesdays, and Legends of Tomorrow on Thursdays. Fans of DCTV are in for a treat, should Supergirl deliver!

Unfortunately for us, Supergirl has just begun filming, meaning that there was no new footage to show us during the panel. Instead, we were treated to a sizzle reel that showed key moments in Supergirl‘s first season. After that, the panel came out, most of which was the main cast. Tyler Hoechlin was there as a sort of coming out party for Superman. Plenty of fun tidbits with the cast happened during the panel, some of which I was able to capture. Check it out below!

Aside from the funny moments, a few things were confirmed for season 2. First off, the panel briefly discussed the now confirmed four-part crossover event that is happening approximately eight episodes into the season. However, they did not let on how exactly Supergirl would be introduced into the ArrowFlash universe. I’m sure creators are exploring every avenue they can to bring the characters together. I feel that everyone assumes Kara will make an appearance on the Earth we know in Arrow and The Flash, but don’t be surprised if characters from the later two shows appear in National City!

Furthermore, show creators stated that even though we do have an inclusion of Superman on the show, the focus will not deviate from Supergirl. This is crucial as the show should stick to what the show is actually about. Still, you should expect to see some tension between Superman and Supergirl on what it means to be a hero. Of course, we do know that Superman has been doing this for a little while longer than Kara, but that doesn’t mean Kara doesn’t have handle on what she’s done in her first year as Supergirl.

In regards to Alex, we should be finding out a lot more about her character and her backstory in this next season. Actress Chyler Leigh, who plays Alex on the show, is deeply excited to see where showrunners take Alex next.

As for character romances, a Kara-Jimmy romance was hinted on for early next season. Jeremy Jordan, who plays Winn on the show, also hinted at a potential love interest. And of course, how could we forget Lynda Carter? Her role wasn’t exactly discussed in detail for the show, but because Superman and Supergirl are now in one place, we should expect that at the very least the President of the United States would take notice.

Supergirl premiers Monday, October 10th!