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Screenwriter And Working Title Revealed For Sixth ‘Die Hard’ Film

Tuesday 30th April 2013 by Shawn Madden

While it wasn’t the best of the series, Live Free Or Die Hard did perform well at the box office and of course Fox is going to go after another installment in the Die Hard franchise. Total Film report that Ben Trebilcook has been brought on to pen a treatment for the film, which is currently titled Die Hardest (which may not be the final title), which will reportedly see the story begin in New York before moving to Tokyo.

Trebilcook, who actually wrote an earlier version of the fourth Die Hard film, believes that his take on the franchise will please fans and “is extremely faithful to the franchise and characters and is a natural progression. It’s also a very plausible storyline.” He also went on to state “[There’s] the possibility producers might go back and find some other source material to base the next one on, like they did with the first and second. Mine though, I feel it could be the Rocky Balboa of the Die Hard franchise.” The film is still in early stages of production and no release date has been set yet.

Source: TotalFilm