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Sam Humphries And Dalton Rose’s ‘Sacrifice’ Getting A Hardcover!

Thursday 14th March 2013 by Derek Kraneveldt

This is some awesome news for fans of these two.


Dark Horse has announced that Sam Humphries and Dalton Rose’s acclaimed self-published title, Sacrifice, will be getting the hardcover treatment. The six-issue miniseries premiered all the way back in 2011, but has since been oft-delayed due to the rising success of its creators. Since the series debut, Humphries has gone on to write for Ultimate Comics Ultimates, Uncanny X-Force, and John Carter: Gods of Mars, while Rose has worked on Theremin and Phabula, among others.


The final issue of the series will release on March 20th, with the hardcover edition to follow this September. Humphries sounds rather excited about the move, stating “We could not be more pleased that Sacrifice has found a new home at Dark Horse, their track record for gorgeous print editions is unparalleled, and their respect for comics is unquestioned. How cool is it that a whole new audience will be able to discover Sacrifice with a Dark Horse logo on the front?”




What happens when you’re ripped from the 21st century and thrown into the middle of one of the greatest — and most bloodthirsty — civilizations in human history? How do you survive a strange world of war, blood, sacrifice, and death?
Join Hector, a dude on a one-way trip through the past, the present, and the psychedelic into the the glory of the Aztec Empire in SACRIFICE — a new comic book by SAM HUMPHRIES (writer of OUR LOVE IS REAL and one of Wizard’s “Five Writers to Watch in 2011″) and rising star DALTON ROSE.


If you’re looking for more Sam Humphries, we featured him on the show back in January!  You can watch it here if you haven’t, and if you have, why not check it out again!


Source: ComicsAlliance